“Blippi” Actor Stevin John Welcomes First Baby with Fiancé Alyssa Ingham, Says it’s Heavenly

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Stevin W John is a massive YouTuber with over 15 million subscribers. His channel, Blippi, began in 2014 with one goal in mind – to create meaningful and educational content for children, very wholesome.

“Blippi” is a character created by Stevin; he plays the role of Blippi in all of his videos as a teacher and caring person who’s every child’s best friend.

Stevin “Blippi” John Becomes a Father

Someone as well-versed in children’s education as Stevin would definitely be over the moon at his own child’s birth. Stevin and his fiancee, Alyssa Ingham, got engaged in 2021.

On Valentine’s Day 2022, the couple announced their pregnancy news to the world in a beautiful Instagram post, where he wrote:

“OH BOY! IT’S A BOY! Lil Baby Blip’ coming soon!”

On March 9, 2022, the couple welcomed their beautiful baby boy. Stevin posted an adorable photo on Instagram with the caption revealing the baby’s name:

“Lochlan David John. 3/9/22. Your mother and I love you so much! Welcome to the world!”

In an exclusive interview with Parents, Stevin spoke about how super-excited he is with the birth of his son:

“He is so cute. We love him so much! It has been heaven having him with us!,”

And about how he feels being a first-time dad, he told Parents that he’s super prepared for it:

“I know what kids’ interests are more now. And having met so many kids throughout the years, I feel more in tune with how kids act in their younger years.”

Good parenting is a skill, and Stevin has been teaching children since 2014 – he’s a natural at it. His channel was created when the need to teach his nephew, Hunter, crossed his mind.

He told Parents about why he created Blippi:

“My nephew Hunter was the first inspiration for making Blippi videos when he was a toddler,”

“He’s 11 now, so he’s past the Blippi age. It was really rewarding making videos for him and kids like him when he was younger. I think having my own child in the Blippi age will make it really special and even more exciting.”

Steven “Blippi” John is super-excited to teach his baby boy everything he has learned throughout the years. He told Parents:

“Since I’m a very curious person and want to learn everything—that’s why Blippi videos are the way they are—I am very excited to teach our own child the curiosities and joys of life.”

“I think having my own child in the Blippi age will make it really special and even more exciting.”

We wish Stevin & Alyssa a hearty congratulations on their baby boy; good parents deserve the best! Baby Lochlan is going to learn a lot because of how caring and kind his parents are.

You can follow Blippi on YouTube here.

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