Body Shamed – This Woman was Asked to Leave Her Gym for Wearing a Sports Bra

Today’s story comes from a woman from Alberta, Canada. Shelby, a 26-year-old woman, shared how she was asked to leave her gym because she was wearing a sports bra and showing her belly.

Shelby, sitting in her car, uploaded a video on her TikTok (can be watched below) explaining the traumatizing and disturbing situation:

“So I just went to the gym, and the lady at the front desk said they have a policy, you’re not allowed to wear sports bras to the gym, that you ‘can’t be showing your belly,’”

“She said it’s fine for this time but just so you know for next time,”

“So I was like, ‘OK, that’s fine,’ and I went to do my workout.”

But sadly, that didn’t stop the gym staff from making body shaming her and making her feel less than the other members of the gym.

Shelby continued:

“I’m 15 minutes in on the treadmill, and the program coordinator came up to me and asked me to leave.”

Shelby went on to elaborate:

“So there are two things that were problematic in how this interaction went down, and neither of them has to do with their policy regarding the dress code,”

“One is how the lady at the front desk spoke to me. First of all, I said, “Oh, we’re not allowed to wear a sports bra?”

“Well, we can’t just have our bellies hanging out” in a belittling tone. So that already is not OK.’”

“Problem two is that she told me that it was OK to go into the gym, that it was OK for this time but next time, to wear something else,”

“So I went into the gym with my wristband on that she gave me, saying that it was OK for me to go in this time, and then to have somebody come up to me after I’ve already been there for 15 minutes walking. On the treadmill…”

Shelby, still distraught and teary-eyed, explained why she thinks she was body shamed:

“I genuinely believe that if that was a smaller woman standing there at the counter that they wouldn’t have said that “we can’t have our bellies hanging out” to her. I genuinely believe that wouldn’t have been said.”

This is highly unacceptable. Our bodies are different, we work to become better versions of ourselves, and the best place to do that is the gym – but not if the gym is also against you.

We wish Shelby more power and hope she finds a gym with better and kinder staff who understand what a person goes through when they’re body shamed. More power to you, Shelby! Don’t let this get you down, you strong and courageous woman!

Watch the video below:

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Source: Shelby’s TikTok Profile

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  1. Other women wear their sports bra to the gym so why can’t she . Also if she’s comfortable to do so ..then hell ya gf ! That was unacceptable and definitely body shaming.

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