Bosnian Woman who Survived WW2 and Yugoslav Wars held Art Exhibition at the Age of 100

Age is just a number, and Nada Rudan from Bosnia is living proof of it!

A centenarian held her own art exhibition to celebrate her 100th birthday. She started painting at the age of 87.

According to Daily Mail, Nada Rudan from Bosnia survived World War II and the 1992 Bosnian War. She was a dressmaker by profession and worked until she turned 85.

After her retirement, Rudan picked up painting as a hobby to kill time. Little did she know she would enjoy painting so much that she would arrange her own art exhibition ten years later.

In her own words, after giving much thought to what she wanted to do in her free time after she stopped working, the Bosnian native decided to find solace in art and creativity. So, she chose to paint and self-taught herself.

“I don’t know what boredom means, I don’t know what depression means, I always find something to do,” she told Reuters.

Nada likes to wake up early in the morning and paint for three hours, and then after getting done with her basic chores, she paints in the late afternoon.

“I like to paint nature most of all and use acrylic colors because they don’t smell,” she said. “I am an amateur, I don’t consider myself as a true artist. But I’m very proud that all my friends, family members and my neighbors came to my painting exhibition.”

She exhibited her artwork in Sarajevo, Bosnia, in the last week of June. After pulling off a successful event, Nada went to Germany to visit her daughters on a month-long trip.

“I am determined not to become a burden to my children, “I am still in good health, my hands are stable, and my eyes serve me well.”

The 100-year-old is a doting mother of two, grandmother of three, and great-grandmother of four.

“And I am calm, I don’t want to be nervous, I always think first and then act.”

According to Reuters, “She speaks fondly about frequent travels with her children and grandchildren over the past decades. After her husband died in 1999, Rudan visited the United States, Central America, and numerous European countries, and those journeys inspired many of her paintings, such as a volcano in Hawaii or pyramids in Mexico.”

So far, she has made 200 paintings and wishes to keep going. Rudan told the outlet that when she turned 95, she visited Hollywood, where the Academy Awards ceremony was being held. When she requested to enter the ceremony, the management allowed her

“That was such a treat. I was so happy couldn’t even explain how I felt among all those famous faces and celebrities. It was great, and I saw so many of them, they were everywhere. I loved it.” She added.

“You have to be positive in life and hope for the best. There will always be a solution. Nothing is impossible in life; you just have to keep trying,” she concluded.

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