Brave 11-Year-Old Boy Who Fled Ukraine By Himself is Finally Reunited with His Mother

A few weeks ago, while conditions were starting to worsen in Ukraine, a brave 11-year-old boy, Hassan Pisecká, fled the country with nothing but his backpack, passport, and a phone number written on his hand.

Image via Ministerstvo vnútra SR on Facebook

He traveled 750 miles alone. He successfully reached the Slovakian border, where he was instantly taken care of – given warm food and water.

Image via Ministerstvo vnútra SR on Facebook

His mother, Julia Pisecka Volodymyrivna, had to stay behind because her mother couldn’t travel so far. Slovakian officials welcomed Hassan with open arms; they instantly saw the number on his hand and called his mother to tell her Hasan was safe.

Image via Ministerstvo vnútra SR on Facebook

Soon after Hasan, his siblings also reached Slovakia safely. After a few weeks of Hasan and his siblings being in Slovakia, his mother finally arrived. She spoke to The Sun about it:

“The train ride was very difficult. Hundreds were crammed in a single car. But we had to escape so our family could be back together.”

“I’d like to thank everyone from my heart. We have to start from scratch. We lost everything we’ve had but we’re healthy.”

After making a difficult trip herself, his mother was finally able to embrace Hassan & his siblings after weeks of being without them.

She hugs and embraces her daughter.

The whole family is finally reunited after weeks of staying apart.

If you want to donate to help the refugees of Ukraine, please visit UNHCR’s donation page here.

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Images & Featured Images via Ministerstvo vnútra SR on Facebook & Polícia Slovenskej republiky on Facebook

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