Bride Flipped Out After her Man Returned her Dream Wedding Dress Saying It was ‘Wasting Money’

A bride-to-be revealed that she canceled her wedding because her fiancé returned her expensive ‘dream wedding dress.’

The 29-year-old bride shared her story on Reddit and wrote that she and her fiancé got into a huge fight because he returned her dream wedding dress because it was too ‘pricey.’

Posting under the username u/Sealine5033, the bride wrote, “Me (f29) and my STBH (m33) are getting married soon. Wedding planning has so far been going all right except for a few things he and I argued about like the venue and flower girl.

“Now we’ve been arguing about my wedding dress, This might sound clichè but ever since I was young I dreamed of having my own beautiful wedding dress, I can afford it but my STBH thinks it’s not okay to waste a couple of thousands on a dress I’m only going to wear once.”

She continued, “Yes he might have a point there but for one, this is a typical price for wedding dresses. And two, because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing then why not make sure it’s special?”

She further added that her fiancé wasn’t convinced, and instead, he asked her to rent a wedding dress instead of buying one as she had already set aside a lot of money for her hair and makeup which won’t even last one whole day.

“He started saying that I’m being irresponsible with money and brought up how much money I’ve already put aside to ‘rent a face’ (he means makeup) and wear ‘fake’ hair (he means extension) but I have this vision of what I want to…look like, sort of speak, on my wedding and I think that it’s my right as a bride.”

She added, “I went ahead and purchased the dress but a day later I found out that it was missing from my closet. I freaked out but he told me he returned it and got the money back. I was shocked I asked him why he did that and he said he thought the dress was ridiculously expensive and that was wasting money and AGAIN suggested I go rent one.”

The bride-to-be said that when she learned that her fiancé had returned her wedding dress, she burst out like never before.

“He literally took few steps back and told me to calm down. I said he had no right, I’m the one paying for the damn dress. He got upset and said that there’s no ‘I’m paying for it myself’ in marriage and that my attitude is setting the tone for what type of dynamic we’ll have in our marriage,” she wrote on Reddit.

“He kept on about how I must expect to him to pay for everything while I keep ‘my money’ or spend it irresponsibly (but I never tell him how to spend his money) I responded that he gets zero say in how I spend my money whatsoever.”

She said after having a big fight, he husband-to-be left and told his mother about it, who then called the bride and asked her to listen to him and rent out a dress.

“I declined,” she wrote while adding, “Yes, he still has the money and said he’ll give it back once we agree to a solution.”

The bride’s post received a huge response, and nearly 7 thousand people commented, with almost everyone saying that she wasn’t wrong in this situation.

“NTA. But please, hold, pause, and press the button. There are some serious red flags here that you need to look into more closely before you get married,” one user commented and listed down a number of concerns while saying that the bride should rethink her decision of marrying her fiancé.

“His mother didn’t put herself in the middle. He ran to call his mommy after the argument and invited her into it. Also, OP said in a comment that he now has the money from the dress and is hanging onto it until things are resolved, i.e. she caves and does things his way.”

“Girl, run. You don’t want this. Consider it a bullet dodged,” a second Redditor said.

“Maybe the theme of the wedding is Red Flags. The bridesmaids will wear red. The groom will have a red suit. And the aisle will be lined with increasingly big red flags until she reaches the altar which is actually just a tent made of one giant red flag,” a third sarcastic user wrote.

“Personally, I think she should call the cops on the man who stole several thousand dollars from her instead of marrying him, but that’s just me.”

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Source: Reddit

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