Bride Horrified After Walking in on Groom Being Breastfed by his Mom Before Wedding

He was indeed a mama’s boy!

A bride almost walked out of her wedding after discovering that her husband-to-be was being breastfed by his mum before their nuptials.

Sharing the story on the episode of the Unfiltered Bride podcast, host George Mitchell who works as a professional wedding planner in the UK, revealed the story she was told by one of her makeup artists.

Calling the makeup artist by a fake name, Jenny, Mitchell said she had just finished doing the bride’s makeover when she said she had to use the restroom.

“Jenny says to me, ‘I did a wedding the other day and you’ll never guess what happened,’” Mitchell said. “The bride needed to go to the toilet just before the ceremony. She walked into the toilet, and what she saw was enough to end a wedding.”

“What do you think she saw?” she asked her co-host Beth runs her own business Etiquette Events Styling.

Smith then guessed if the groom was cheating on her bride-to-be, to which Mitchell replied, “Worse. He was being breastfed by his mom.”

“Sorry, what? Why is his mom still producing milk?” Beth said as her jaw dropped.

“She’s obviously been doing it continuously,” Georgia responded and asking Beth if she would still marry the guy if she was the bride.

“Would you call off the wedding? Everyone is in the room waiting. You definitely wouldn’t kiss when they say, ‘You can kiss the groom,’” Mitchell said as they both laughed.

It was then revealed that the poor bride still went through the wedding.

The clip of the podcast was shared on TikTok, where it quickly went viral and racked up to 894K views with over 112,000 likes and 2,000 comments.

“The strongest man couldn’t lift my jaw right now!” one wrote.

 “Omg I didn’t know what to expect but that was not even a fleeting thought!!” a second said.

“The way I was like “nothing could worse than him cheating…” Yup that’s worse. I’d be a runaway bride so damn fast,” a third added.

“Took “mummy’s boy” to a whole new level,” said another.

“I thought you were gonna say that the groom was dead — but this was worse!” another baffled viewer commented.

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Source: TikTok

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