Bride Mercilessly Trolled After Baking Her Own Wedding Cake

A bride has sparked a heated debate on the internet after she baked her own wedding cake, which many people have slammed as ‘messy’ and not very ‘good looking.’

In a now-viral video, TikTok user @thomasadrianna who is a self-taught hair stylist from Orlando, Florida, showed one of her clients, Lilly Kinman building and decorating her wedding cake prior to exchanging wedding vows with her husband, Dennis Mendoza.

In a BTS video shared by Thomas Adrianna on her TikTok account with over 67K followers, her client, Lilly, who is a pastry chef by profession, was shown building up the layers of her wedding cake with her hair and makeup done.

“I have the most unique and talented brides!!!,” Adrianna captioned her video. “Lilly stacked her own wedding cake the day of, full face, hair done, and white robe! not 1 crumb on her robe!”

The clip was viewed by over 6.3 million people on the video-sharing platform and received thousands of comments. In the comment section, many people criticized the bride for making her own wedding cake instead of hiring someone else to do it and even slammed her cake decorating skills and said it looked messy.


I have the most unique and talented brides!!!😍👏🏾 Lilly stacked her own wedding cake the day of, full face, hair done and white robe! 👏🏾 not 1 crumb on her robe!🫶🏾 #cakedecorating #pastrychef #bridetobe #weddingtiktok #weddingcake #weddingcakes #pastrycheflife #weddingdress #weddingvibes #weddingday #fyp #foryou #fypシ #viralvideo

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“Wait…..that’s finished? Get somebody else to do it,” one wrote.

“It looks so untidy, why did she bake her own wedding cake, should have hired someone more professional with better skills,” a second added.

“Sis I am very frugal but some things you should pay people to do and the sis one of those things,” a third added.

However, once the video went viral, more people came to the bride’s defense and argued that it was her decision to bake and decorate her wedding cake and that people should not judge her no matter what it looked like.

“It’s her wedding, she can do/ have anything she wants. I’ll probably be doing the same for my wedding,” one supporter said.

“The people calling HER wedding cake (emphasis on her) untidy are so close minded and lack every sense of uniqueness,” another chimed in.

“It’s a great idea she’s the only one who can realize the cake she wanted perfectly,” said another.

“I’m a make up artist and want to do my own make up for my wedding day everyone keeps telling me no lol,” someone shared.

“Why so much hate? Especially from people who’ve never decorated a cake in their life. This is an amazing cake,” wrote another.

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