Bride-to-be Proposed to her Partner in a Viral Video and got Trolled for Lacking Shame and Self Respect

A woman proposed to her boyfriend with a ring and got trolled by the online community for being shameless.

27-year-old Sukhmin Garcha is a Canadian skin educator who took the plunge and popped the question to her boyfriend, Brar, a dental hygienist, in July 2022.

Brar is also from Vancouver, like his girlfriend, Garcha, and the couple is very much in love with each other.

When Sukhmin decided to break the stereotypes and asked Brar to marry him, he instantly said yes.

But as their proposal video went viral on the internet, many female viewers mocked the woman for having no grace and reversing the gender roles.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Sukhmin’s video received a lot of love and supportive comments from male viewers; however, a lot of women were not amused to see such a bold step taken by Garcha.

“I was always open to proposing. I was pretty nervous about it at first. I wanted to find the right moment to do it,” said Sukhmin.

“It didn’t cause any issues personally. My boyfriend had the biggest smile on his face. Our families were really supportive and happy about it. My mom was really proud.”

“Honestly, I would say just do it! If the both of you are on the same level of investment in the relationship, it’s no brainier,” she added.

The skin educator and fitness enthusiast further added that just because not many people are doing it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, either.

“These are just outdated gender roles made by the society, We’re the new generation and we can definitely build a new society where gender roles don’t exist,” she said.

“My friends and family loved it. I received some hate on TikTok though but very little compared to the positive comments.”

Garcha said she received plenty of negative comments, and they were mostly from women, which initially made her sad. However, she understands that this is how most people typically think.

“I received plenty of negative comments. A lot of them were ‘ I would rather die’ or ‘ she has no self-respect, ‘ He doesn’t look happy’ and the list goes on.”

“A lot of the hate came from females which was very surprising. It was interesting to see how men supported woman proposing,” she continued. “In our society we always want equality but because of cultural bias there is always resistance.”

The Vancouver resident concluded her interview by insisting that men and women must change their mindsets and adopt new values. She also said that change is not easy; however, it makes things easier and better in the long run.

“I genuinely believe we need to break through these norms and live life to its full potential. In a world where there is so much negativity, we should opt to spread kindness and love.”

“People need to understand that things have changed, and we are not living in the old age anymore.” She said. “Honestly, the world has come a long way, and we are living in 2022… a woman can certainly propose to a man, and there is nothing wrong with it.”

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Sources: Daily MailImages & Featured Images via @sukhmingarcha on TikTok

  1. My wife proposed to me nearly 28 years ago. I was nearly 3 years out of my second divorce, and not looking for another marriage… I am glad she took that step…

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