Bridezilla Slammed for Criticizing Friend Who Refused to Dye Her ‘Unsightly’ Grey Hairs for Her Wedding

A bride has been slammed online for ordering her bridesmaid to dye her ‘unsightly’ grey hairs before her wedding.

A few weeks ago, a Scottish bride-to-be took to Facebook and posted on a wedding planning group, complaining about her friend who refused to dye her grey hairs for her wedding.

“Today we met up for our monthly meeting to go over agenda and order of day etc,” the woman posted anonymously. “I noticed when my bridesmaid turned her head that she’s got quite a number of grey hairs.”

“I mentioned this to her and suggested dyeing it before my big day. She refused and said hairdresser appointments are too expensive and she’s allergic to box dye. It’s really unsightly and I’m worried it’s going to take away from the beauty of the dress I chose for her,” she added.

The bride then asked for tips on what she should do in the situation when she can’t pay for her friend’s hair appointment as it was already out of her bridesmaid budget.

“Any tips on what I can do? I can’t pay for her hair appointment as I’ve exhausted my bridesmaid budget now. Wedding is only 10 weeks away and I think her hair is only going to get worse. She’s only 30,” she wrote.

The post backfired and instead of siding with the bride, Facebook users backed her friend and called out the bride for being rude and selfish.

“Bridezilla much. Unbelievable. I really hope this is a joke,” one wrote.

“I hope she dyes it bright pink,” a second said.

“Wow. This is an extremely selfish post and I’m hoping it’s a joke because I cannot fathom my friend behaving like this towards me,” a third added. “If you were my friend you’d be told to do one and it would not be as polite as that.”

“It’s grey hair, absolutely natural. If she had wrinkles would you tell her to go get botox? No one is going to be looking at her hair, Jesus Christ,” another said.

“What a s**** pal, and no I’m not talking about the bridesmaid,” someone commented.

 “I honestly don’t think grey hairs will draw attention away from the dress,” said someone else.  “This post kinda makes you sound like a bridezilla.”

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