British Man Forced to Spend Week-long dream trip in Mexico ALONE after the Immigration Officials Deported his Girlfriend

Image Credits: Scott Kinghorn / SWNS via The Mirror

Recently an English man spent his dream holiday worth £2,500 all alone after the authorities deported his Brazilian girlfriend.

According to The Mirror, 32-year-old Scott Kinghorn and his girlfriend Thallise Marciano booked Tui as their travel agent who arranged the trip for them.

When they reached the airport and were about to leave for their long-awaited trip to Mexico, Thallise was stopped by the authorities and was asked to apply for a separate visa because of her Brazilian nationality.

Of course, the couple couldn’t do so at the very last minute when they were about to board a flight, so the immigration officials didn’t allow Thallise to travel.

“We arrived in Cancun buzzing for our holiday, but when I arrived at baggage claim I realized I’d lost her. Said Scott.

“I went back to look for her, but the immigration officers refused to let me walk back through passport control. They eventually agreed to look for me and when they came back they said she was being sent home for having the wrong visa.

“I tried to say I was flying home with her, but they said that was impossible as I’d already entered the country.”

“They wouldn’t even let me see her before she left and I had all our credit cards and our house keys. He said. “It was ludicrous.”

The Edinburgh native said that after arriving in his room, he first called his booking agent Tui and asked him to explain the situation. He said it was Tui’s responsibility to inform them about Thallise’s traveling requirements.

“While I went to Mexico, Thallise arrived back in Scotland without money or house keys, so I paid for a hotel for two nights.”

“Thallise has anxiety and she had a panic attack on the flight home resulting in her needing medical attention.

He further added, “When she got back no family members were available at such short notice to collect her so I had to get her a hotel – entirely at our expense!”

“All in all, I spent £2,500 on the holiday plus the extra costs of her accommodation in Scotland and takeouts I was forced to order.”

“I’ve since complained to Tui but they’re aftercare has been appalling – I can’t get through to speak to anyone.

“This is their fault because when Thallise filled out her advanced passenger information, she should have been informed about the visa change for Brazilians.”

“She should never have been allowed to board that flight with a Brazilian passport.” He continued. “I’m trying to get the whole trip refunded but have heard nothing back from them since I got home six weeks ago.”

“The whole holiday was a disaster – and I won’t stop until Tui takes responsibility for it.”

On the other hand, a spokesman for Tui stated, “We’re very sorry to hear of Mr. Kinghorn and Ms. Marciano’s experience.”

“We always recommend that customers check visa requirements with the consulate or embassy of the country they’re traveling to before they book and ensure they have the correct documentation prior to completing their booking.”

“On this occasion, Mr. Kinghorn booked his holiday online and agreed to our booking terms and conditions which outlines that customers are responsible for checking.”

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Source: The MirrorFeatured Image Credits: Scott Kinghorn / SWNS via The Mirror

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