British Model Goes Viral for Asking Why Malaysian Stores Sell Winter Clothes

Recently a British content creator went viral on TikTok after asking why Malaysian stores mostly sell winter clothes even though the temperature in Malaysia never goes below 23-25 degrees Celsius.

Nicole Crewe is a content creator and a freelance model from England who is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With over 50K followers on her TikTok account, Nicole shares different videos about the culture, cuisines, and heritage of the places she visits.

Recently, the model visited a Zara store in KL and saw a huge variety of winter clothes being sold in the outlet.

Taking to her TikTok, Nicole asked her followers why clothing stores in Malaysia sell so many winter clothes throughout the year when it never gets too cold in the country to wear woolen clothes and jackets.

“Why? Is 23 that cold?” she wrote in her caption.

Nicole’s video has over one million views on TikTok and more than 6500 people commented on it.

Her video received a plethora of comments from Malaysian people and the responses are hilarious.

Many people said that they buy winter clothes because they travel a lot. However, others simply dropped sarcastic comments.

“Simply cause Malaysians travel abroad to cold countries. Do you think they will travel to London for example with their polo shirts and shorts?” one user commented.

 “Bcoz We afford to travel lol,” another said.

“very simple .. Malaysians do Travel to cold countries and also lots of tourist from cold countries are visiting Malaysia too,” a third added.

“We cannot tell u. Its country secret,” someone laughed.

“To get used to the heat for hell,” one sarcastic user wrote.

“We are cold-hearted,” another chimed in.

“we using it when watching movies at cinema.. the A/C damn cold,” another user penned.

“We will wearing to Genting Highland,” someone said.

“try work in the office here sis, if that aircond can produce a snow they will do that. that clothes is for work hahah,” said someone else.

“owh its easy we wear them and sit in the freezer, when the weather is very hot outside,” another funny comment read.

“We wear when we drive Proton Car. Have you ever try aircond in Proton Wira Car?” someone asked Nicole.

“when it gets too hot, most of us will go to Sweden in the morning and come back to KL at night, ko mampu?” another Malaysian wrote.

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Source: TikTok

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