Brooke Shields was Body-Shamed, but her Husband had a Fitting Response

Brooke Christa Shields is an American actress and model who began her modeling career as a child and gained critical acclaim just at the age of 12 for her role as Violet in Louis Malle’s film, Pretty Baby.

Throughout her career, Shields appeared in a plethora of movies and proved herself a skilled actress. Her notable projects include, The Blue Lagoon, Endless Love, Sahara, A Castle for Christmas, Flower Shop Mysteries, Wanda Nevada, I Can Make You Love Me, Wet Gold, Bob the Butler, Chalet Girl, Freeway, The Hot Flashes, Freaked, Nothing Lasts Forever, and The Diamond Trap.

Despite being one of the most successful supermodels in the industry, Shields has often come across critical views of people and surprisingly, one of her biggest criticizers was her own mother.

“My mother would get drunk and say, “Why don’t you move your fat a**?” So, I’ve always believed I had a fat a**,” she told PorterEdit in an interview in 2018.

“I modelled swimwear when I was 15, and even then, I didn’t think I had a swimsuit body,” Brooke continued. “I was a cover girl, not a supermodel. I was neck-up – the face, the eyebrows – and I was always described as “athletic”, “not rail-thin”, “not a runway model”. Those messages, they seep into your consciousness.”

To flee from her overbearing and controlling mother, Shields found her escapade in tennis player, Andre Agassi and tied the knot with him in 1997. However, after only two years of marriage, the supermodel filed for divorce and called it quits with him.

“I needed Andre to separate from my mother,” Brooke admitted. “I’d spent my life, 24/7, being so worried that my mother was going to die, and my whole world was wrapped around keeping her alive.”

“But that probably saved me and kept me on the straight and narrow. I needed to get past that, so that I could start at square one and be a less encumbered version of myself. But I still had so much growing up to do.”

Two years after her divorce from Andre, Shields married again, and this time she found a perfect partner in screenwriter Chris Henchy, who loved her for who she was and made her feel beautiful about herself, and helped her overcome her insecurities about her weight.

“I would walk backwards out of rooms, and he’d say, “No, I want to grab onto you.” He really celebrated my womanliness and my body. And I needed a man to celebrate me,” she said about Henchy.

The couple shares two daughters – Rowan Francis Henchy, 20, and Grier Hammond Henchy, 17.

Speaking about her girls, the Endless Love actress said that unlike her, her daughters were way more mature in their teenage years and well-adjusted and confident in their bodies.

“[My daughters] are so much more mature than I was, so much more confident in their own bodies. They have the same stubbornness and strength that I do, but are more well-adjusted. I am jealous as all hell about that. But, of course, I created it.”

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