Brother Creates an Amazing Prom Dress for His Sister Because Their Parents Couldn’t Afford It

Today’s heartwarming story of a brother’s pure love for his sister comes from the Philippines. It’s about a brother who designed and created a prom dress for his sister when their parents couldn’t afford to rent one for her big day. Being a caring brother, he pulled out all the stops and made something truly phenomenal.

From Sketch to Real Life – A Dress Made for a Princess

Maverick Francisco Oyao, a.k.a. Mave, from the Philippines, couldn’t see his sister, Lu Asey, sad and disheartened. Being an art & culture student at his university, he decided to use his skills for his sister’s happiness. He created a sketch of the design he had in mind. Many people pitched in to help him obtain the materials he needed to create the dress.

Since his sister’s prom was a themed event – Winter Ball, he made sure it had vibrant hues of blue mixed with white. Mave made sure his sister looked like a real princess, complete with a beautiful ballgown and intricate details.

Look at this beautiful sketch, you can see Maverick’s dedication right from the start of this adoring project.

Materials obtained, time to make a breathtaking dress.

The dress is slowly coming to fruition.

Staying true to the “Winter Ball” vibes, the colors look beautiful.

The ballgown can finally be seen nearing completion, incredible.

Lu Asey tries on her gown for the first time.

She tries it on again, looks magnificent.

Now for the gown’s detailing, Mave makes little flowers with rhinestones in them.

This is how they look on the gown, we keep getting amazed.

As for the bodice, Mave handpainted it to match the dress perfectly!

This looks like a designer dress, picked from a boutique store.

And here it is, in its complete form.

Lu Asey truly looks like a princess in this beautiful dress.

Lu is definitely looking like a Prom Queen.

And here’s the designer, Mave. A proud and loving brother.

We’re simply in love with the dress Maverick made for his sister’s prom. Maverick proves that nothing can stop you from doing something as long as your heart is in it – he created a top-notch designer dress for his sister because he wanted to, no excuses.

We genuinely hope this creative genius becomes a big name in his industry one day; he truly deserves it!

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Maverick Francisco Oyao on Facebook

Images & Featured Image via Maverick Francisco Oyao on Facebook

  1. Mave’s talent is extraordinary! I think it was wonderful that so many people helped him with supplies so he could create such a beautiful gift. His big
    heart, talents and hard work will take
    him far. Great job, Mave!

  2. Wow! Absolutely magnificent! I love the design in that it’s incredibly unique. Can’t wait to see what else Mave will create. Lucky girl having a brother who cares so much.

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