Can Cheating on Your Boyfriend Really Turn You into an Honest Person?

After she realized her mistake, this girl saw the value of things like she had never seen before.

Heartbreak, crying yourself to sleep, memories these are some of the things that pop into your mind when you hear the words ‘cheat’, don’t they? But good can even come out of something as morally wrong as cheating. Yes, it’s messy and people’s feelings get hurt. But it can also turn you into a more honest person. How? Here’s how, as we see from the story of a girl who cheated on her boyfriends but ended up being more honest than she was before.

She was, what some might call, the victim lover in all her relationships: the one who got cheated on, the one who was left behind, the one who cared too much loved too much and hence held on longer to the relationship. But then, after one mismatch with a guy, that turned around and she became the cheater.

One of the most cruel things universe does to us is send us the right person at the wrong time, to restrict two people from becoming an ‘almost’. So, this girl met a great guy named Riley from a mutual friend. He was right, but the timing was not; she met Riley the summer before she was supposed to go to Wales for studies. They both fell for each other in the simplest of terms. He not only wanted a girlfriend but kept one too. So this girl thought, why not? They consented to be a couple. Then the long distance relationship phase began, when the girl left for Wales. Riley never failed to express his liking for her, how excited he was for her to get back and do all the fun things they had planned together.

On her first night there, the girl cheated on Riley. She did not know anyone in Wales but then she met this American friend and they hit it off from there. They spent that first night and the nights after, together. The girl felt terrible, obviously, for cheating on Riley. She had been the victim all along but now there she was, cheating on someone else, someone so into her. She did not tell Riley, though. Instead, she kept everything normal with him, told him how excited she was to see him again and he in turn told her how excited he was to show her off to his friends, that he was just so glad to have her as his girlfriend.

The girl’s feelings of guilt only intensified. Here was a nice guy so genuinely interested in her but there she was, 3,000 miles away from him and cheating on him. No one is perfect, and neither was this girl. So she made the mistake to betray someone who cared so much for her.

After she got back from Wales, she opened up to Riley and told him everything. Being the understanding guy he was, he forgave her. They also managed to continue being in a relationship for the next six months. Due to unrelated reasons, though, they broke up after that.

So we have the victim and the culprit, the mistake and the lesson. So, how do we look at this? We all make mistakes and even the most righteous people sometimes do unrighteous things sometimes. But that does not define them entirely.

After she realized her mistake, this girl saw the value of things like she had never seen before. Honesty became a door she learned to open more. The worth of others’ feelings became more important to her. She learned from her mistake and also figured out ways to not repeat that mistake again. Her conscience did keep telling her she was a bad person who cheated on someone and cheaters do not deserve to be loved so she did not deserve to be loved either. But there is only so much we can blame on others and unto ourselves, because we all do things not always knowing why, yet there is always a reason.

The righteous path is not a straight line. To walk on it, we have to take some steps here and there until we are on the right track. You might feel naГЇve at times in your relationship, like this girl did after she cheated on Riley. But we have to take the hit to know how to get up higher. So did she. Relationships are an ever-evolving process for those involved. There is always something to learn in them.

Mistakes prove to be the ladder one can use to get higher in that relationship, through the lessons they teach. Even if it being cheated or cheating on your partner, the reasons will be clear to you in due time, in the right way, a way which teaches you to be better.

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