Can I Trust a Married Man When He says that He Loves Me?

Can I trust a married man

When you’re seeing a married man, things aren’t going to be simple. In this scenario, the married man is unhappy with his marriage and current life. He finds his happiness with you and cheats on his wife to be with you. Now, firstly, he shouldn’t cheat on his wife, to begin with. He should have an honest conversation with his wife about how he isn’t interested anymore or how his emotions have faded away. Then they should either work on fixing things or get a divorce and start living happier lives.

But, considering he’s still with his wife, this situation becomes very complicated. If you’re unable to sleep, tossing and turning all night, asking yourself, “Can I trust a married man?” I don’t blame you; it’s a super tricky situation to be in. If he says he loves you, you need to see the signs of how he is with you. Does he show pure emotion for you, or does he spend time with you as a short getaway from his wife? A lot of his actions are going to show his intentions for you.

Can I trust a married man?

It entirely depends on how your relationship is going. You’re already in a complicated relationship; things are only going to become harder if you started questioning things. If you think he loves you and he also shows it in his actions, you should give him the benefit of the doubt and support him through his time of need. It’s okay to get a divorce, it’s okay to have toxic marriages, but people also recover and move on from them. So with that hope in mind, you should be supportive.

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