Can My Boyfriend Adopt My Daughter Without Us Being Married?

Can my boyfriend adopt my daughter

Can my boyfriend adopt my daughter?

It’s always tricky and sensitive when adoption is the topic of discussion. A child’s life and future are on the line. Be very sure of what you’re doing, and take all the time and legal representation you need before deciding – no rush.

What happens if my boyfriend adopts my daughter without us being married?

If you’re not married, your boyfriend isn’t under any marital contract with you. If he adopts your daughter, you will lose all rights to your daughter. It’s best to wait until you’re married before you ask him to adopt.

How will he adopt my daughter after being married to me?

When you’re married, your now-husband will have to sign up for a stepparent adoption. That’s basically how things operate within the US; please be sure to check with your local law office.

Always ask a lawyer.

I’m not a lawyer; the information above was researched by our writers. When you’re thinking of asking your boyfriend to adopt, you should always consult with your lawyer first. If you don’t have a lawyer, consult a local legal aid. Also, there are a lot of useful resources online.

Should you ask him to? That’s entirely up to you. It’s all about how much you trust him. I’ve seen a lot of biological fathers leave their families for little to no reason. So it’s all about intentions and trust.

It’s all about the amount of love he has for you. If he wants to adopt and have a new member in his family, you should give him a chance. But again, seek legal counsel before making any significant decisions.

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