Brain Teaser Puzzle: Can you Identify which teacup will fill first in 20 secs?

Can you determine which teacup will fill up first? If you enjoy tackling brain teasers and puzzles during your free time, this one is perfect for you! Brain teasers require more than just solving riddles and puzzles; they necessitate lateral thinking. In other words, to solve such puzzles, you must think beyond the norm. You must employ a creative mind because the answer will not be immediately apparent. We have created a captivating brain-teaser similar to these lines in which you must guess which teacup will be filled first in the image.

You must determine which cup in the image fills up first. It’s an easy riddle that can be solved by an active mind in 20 seconds or less. Try employing a less direct approach to arrive at the answer. Be careful not to scroll too far and cheat, as the solution to this brain teaser has been provided directly below the question.


Hint: Examine the connectors of all the pipes through which tea will flow into various cups.

Brain Teaser Answer

For this cerebral challenge, your task is to examine the connections through which tea will be delivered to the cups. The puzzle comprises a Lipton kettle, seven pipes, and seven cups each accompanied by a spoon. Your objective is to determine which cup will be filled initially.

As tea is poured from the kettle, it initially flows into the pipe that is linked to all the tea cups. Ordinarily, Cup no.5 would have been the first to be filled, but due to a blockage in the pipe, it remains empty. Subsequently, Cup no. 6 would have been filled, but since there is a blockage at the end of the pipe, it also remains unfilled.

Nevertheless, cup no. 2 will be filled due to a leak in the middle pipe.

The solution to the puzzle is that Cup No. 2 will be the first one to be filled, with a quantity of 2.

Employing lateral thinking can aid you in deducing solutions to such brain teasers. Despite its trickiness, this riddle is relatively straightforward and requires minimal time and cognitive effort to solve. Nonetheless, it is undoubtedly satisfying to unearth the answer in just a few seconds.

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