Cancer Survivor Mom Hangs “No Breastfeeding Zone” Sign Over Hospital Bed

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We simply love sharing stories about super moms who go above and beyond for their children – facing endless challenges and coming out smiling with their happy babies! Today’s story is about Meghan Koziel, a breast cancer survivor, and mother of two beautiful daughters.

This story is about when she had her first daughter back in 2019 and decided to take a very creative route to tell hospital staff she won’t be breastfeeding.

Meghan Koziel – A Super Mom Who Fought Breast Cancer

Meghan had been battling breast cancer for quite some time. She received a lot of chemotherapy and was finally cancer-free in 2017. Meghan and her loving husband, John, welcomed their first daughter in 2018. And now they have two! Their daughters have grown up to be happy and healthy children.

When Meghan gave birth to her first daughter, she hung a super cute and creative sign above her hospital bed which stated “No Breastfeeding Zone,” to make it clear to the hospital staff that her daughter would not be breastfed. She did the same during her second pregnancy.

On March 4th, 2022, Meghan took to Instagram to talk about both of her pregnancies and her time at the hospital. She wrote:

“I remember it like yesterday, I was packing my bags getting ready for the special day to bring Kendra into the world. I had a #breastie reach out and share a small sign that she posted on her door indicating that she was a breast cancer survivor and that the room would be a ‘no breastfeeding zone'”
“Being my ‘extra’ self I guess, I decided to pull in my creativity for a banner, a fun twist with a clever poem making it known 1. I don’t have boobs, 2. Please don’t ask me how I’m going to feed my child…”
“If you don’t have breasts and are having a baby, you do not realize how many times whether for general gyne visit or pediatrician once the baby is born the dreaded question “will you be breast of bottle feeding?” It’s sort of like part of a healthcare works route memory and routine in their heads… as they go down their checklist it naturally gets blurted out. Already being emotional from my little miracles being brought to life, I just wanted a way to not have to explain my situation to EVERY human that walked through my hospital room door.”
“The banner (which I used for both of my baby’s) was the PERFECT necessity for my birthing bag FOR ME!”
“I am excited to say that I’ve created more than 30 banners for mamas over the years, and it fills my heart with joy! (Not to mention the knockoffs that mamas used with my words😂— as my mom always said “imitation is the greatest form of flattery😂)”
“I would love to create more custom banners for all the BREASTIE mamas to be! Being that the poem was written by me, all you have to do is reach out, and I will help to create the perfect custom banner for you with gender or no gender, different color themes, fonts—- the options are endless AND the Best part they are ready for pickup in 24 hrs at a local printer closest to you!)”
“If you are expecting, or have a friend or family member expecting their miracle baby— DM me today❤️”

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Meghan Koziel on Instagram

Images & Featured Image via Meghan Koziel on Instagram

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