Charlotte Woman who died after being Trapped in Blizzard for 18 Hours sent a Desperate Final Video to Family

A 22-year-old woman froze to death after being trapped in her car for more than 18 hours during the catastrophic Buffalo winter storm.

The deadly snowstorm that hit many states of the US has engulfed more than 50 people, and officials fear that the death toll will continue to rise.

As reported by CNN, “Dozens of Americans have died have died as a winter storm brought frigid temperatures and paralyzing snowfall totals across the US, and officials in the Buffalo area believe the staggering toll will continue to grow there as teams carry on with search-and-rescue missions.”

“The nationwide death toll from the storm, which brought more than 40 inches of snow to some areas, climbed to 49 on Monday, with 27 of those deaths in Erie County, New York.”

One of the latest victims was 22-year-old Anndel Taylor, who was driving home from work on Friday afternoon when her car got stuck in snow amid heavy snowfall.

It was reported that Taylor’s car was surrounded by at least 50 inches of snow in Buffalo, New York. According to WSOC TV, she texted in her family group chat that the snow was piling up and she was stranded.

“I don’t know if any of us really knew how serious it was, we didn’t see the news, we didn’t really know what was going on in Buffalo,” Anndel’s sister, Shawnequa Brown, told the media outlet.

Taylor recorded the video of her vehicle being stuck in heavy snow and her car windows being fully covered with snow and sent it in the group chat.

She also texted her sister that she was scared.

“Taylor called 911 and was waiting for first responders who couldn’t reach her. Wanda Brown Steele — Taylor’s mother — said the young woman planned to sleep out the storm, then walk home.”

“I feel like everybody that tried to get to her got stuck. Fire department, police, everybody got stuck,” her sister, Tomeshia Brown told WSOC.

“Why didn’t they have chains on their tires? This is a state that is known for snow,” she said.

Officials have not yet confirmed Taylor’s cause of death, but her mother believes her daughter died due to carbon monoxide poisoning instead of hypothermia.

“The car was running, and the snow was still coming, so it blocked the pipes, the exhaust pipe,” she said. “Then after the car cut off, that’s when she iced up.”

Taylor’s sister, Shawnequa Brown, said that the entire family is still in shock and denial and nobody could believe that Taylor is gone.

“A lot of crying, (she) still got presents under the tree,” said Brown.

Shawnequa Brown has also set up a GoFundMe in her sister’s name and asked people to help the grieving family in this tragic time.

“To all Family and Friends, it has been said that a Friend in need is a Friend indeed, and I come to you In that form,” Brown’s statement read.

“As you all may know one of my daughters, our sister, your friend, has passed away by accident in a blizzard that occurred in Buffalo NY December 23rd and 24th. She was stuck in her car for hours/days which caused the snow to continue to build up on her car causing her to be unable to get out. We are currently trying to put Services together to say our final goodbyes.”

“We are truly in need of emotional and financial help to complete the task at hand and with heavy hearts we are reaching out to all of you to assist us.”

“Anything and everything you assist us with will be greatly appreciated. Allow us to do what’s right for her in her untimely passing. We will keep you all posted as we move forward.”

“Much love to you all…”

The GoFundMe has so far raised $14,122.

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