Child-free Couple Who Go on 12 Holidays a Year Say They Don’t Want to ‘Have Kids and Be Miserable’

A childfree couple who go on twelve holidays a year and enjoy lie-ins every weekend says they don’t want to end up miserable by having children.

Taylor, 27, and Justin Vasu, 28, are DINKS – double income, no kids, and live a fun-filled life in California.

The duo has been together for the last six years and enjoys traveling, spontaneous lunch dates, working out together, and sleeping in on weekends.

The couple revealed they take frequent off-times from work at a week’s notice and have wild sex at least four times a week.

“Most people say when you have kids – your life will be over. It makes us not want to have any. People sometimes guilt trip me by saying my maternal clock is ticking,” said Taylor.

“I tell them – ‘You’re just mad at the consequences of your own actions, I don’t want to be miserable like you.’”

The couple first met in college in 2017 and dated for almost five years.

Last year, they tied the knot in June in Hawaii.

Taylor Vasu who is an interior designer believes it would be very irresponsible to have kids so early in life when she and her husband, Justin, an IT sales executive, are both very expensive people and love having a luxurious life free of unnecessary stress.

So, instead of planning a family, they are saving money to buy a new house.

“We can do whatever we want, whenever we want, and I don’t want to give that up,” she said.

“We lost two years of our lives to Covid. We both love to travel – it’s always been the foundation of our relationship. Now the world is functioning again, we want to visit all the places we missed out on.”

The 27-year-old interior designer revealed that they plan to visit Morocco, Italy, Utah, Texas, and New York this year and having kids won’t allow them to live freely on their own terms and travel this frequently.

“We have friends with young children, and we see how much it halts their lives. You rarely see a couple with a newborn traveling to Tahiti. Children are so reliant on you.”

“Our schedule is really ours to make. We love a spontaneous plan, and when you have kids, that’s not possible.”

She added that by being child-free, they get to spend quality time with one another, which keeps the spark alive in their relationship and love life.

“You’re not as tired, so you can have wild sex nights during the week if you want. You work out together in the morning, so the foreplay starts as soon as you wake up. By the end of the night, you want to jump your partner’s bones. When you have children, you have no time for that,” said Taylor.

According to Justin, kids increase the responsibilities and stress in a couple’s life, and he and Taylor are just not ready for that kind of life yet.

“I’m very much on the same page. I do want kids eventually, but right now, I just want to enjoy my time with Taylor and enjoy our relationship,” he said.

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  1. Omg people they are still young to enjoy life, buy a home, be stable financially and have a great stable relationship. Then they can concentrate on having kids. And yes your life does change after having kids.

  2. Childfree means no children ever. They are NOT childfree, because they plan on having children eventually.

  3. I’m 44 and child-free. I don’t have any regrets. I love to travel and take random, spontaneous trips. I would have never been able to do that or live the life I live had I had children. Having children is what some people live for but some of us are just as happy, if not more so, without children.

  4. I am 43 and have children most are grown but I do have a six year old and he is a very well traveled child! We do not allow having children to stop us from living a wonderful life! My six year old child has flown at least 60 or more flights and has been out of the country three times and will be making his fourth in march. We are only a single income family as well so to say they stop you from doing things or traveling is nonsense!

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