7 Things Guys Can Do To Show a Girl That Chivalry Is still alive

Let’s face it; the best part about relationships is being made to feel special, it’s the thing that keeps the fire burning and keeps the relationship alive. The good thing is people don’t generally need to go out of their way or do some really big things to keep the relationship alive, because as the saying goes; it’s the little things that matter.

Us girls being girls, we have high expectations and well, when we are with someone we want them to reach out and meet them. But, when they are unable to do that; it’s kind of disappointing and we go to wishing we had one of those fairy tale romances, of knights and chivalry, where the guy climbed up a vine to your balcony to sing you a ballad and give you a flower.

But times change, and methods change. Singing ballads to your girl would be considered a bit too much now and maybe a bit weird, however; there are a bunch of things, in keeping with modern-day trends, that a guy can do to make a girl feel special and show her that chivalry isn’t dead. Starting with:

  1. Good morning texts

These can literally be the difference between a good day or a bad for a girl. One of the happiest feelings ever is to pick your phone up from your side table in the morning, to check for notifications, only to be greeted by a cute good morning text from a guy. It legit puts a smile on a girls face.

Don’t feel awkward about sending it, trust me girls appreciate it, just send it. But, make sure it’s not a bit overloaded or too gooey; keep it plain, simple, and classy, just like the good old days when people wrote each other love letters. – Continue reading on next page

  1. Hangout days

This is really really important; relationships should not only be about sex and making out because after a while you both just get sick of it. Have hang out days which as the name suggests just means hanging out-no strings attached. It is unbelievable how much girls appreciate knowing that a guy wants to hang out with them and it’s not just for sex, they love it. Call her up, ask her if she would maybe like to watch a movie, go for a nice walk or just chill and maybe read a book together?

  1. Give her a call

As a girl, it is so frustrating to know that guys do not realize how annoying it is when all they do is text you, as much as I enjoy texting, I would rather like to maybe hear your voice once in a while, it’s just so much more intimate and us chicks dig intimacy. It shows that you are interested in a girl past the point of just having sex with her, it shows she is on your mind, and how cute it is that?

  1. Girls like being asked on dates

I would think this one was obvious enough, but I guess it’s not so boys please understand; chicks dig guys who ask them out on romantic dates. It just takes your game to a whole new level. Firstly, it shows you as a kind of old-fashioned romantic kind of guy who girls absolutely adore, and secondly, it shows girls that you are genuinely interested in them.

So, don’t be afraid; ask a girl out for dinner, take her for a nice drive afterwards and also for the sake of chivalry, pay on the first date. This is crucial, you do not have to pay on every single date, for those split the check but when it comes to the first date, if you want to totally woe her, pay the bill.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. Honesty is key

With the type of world we live in today and the type of people who exist, there is a lot of lying and dishonesty, and that is just so unattractive. No girl wants to be with a guy who isn’t honest. Remember if you are honest and up front from the start, the girl will feel more comfortable around you and so is more likely to trust and confide in you which can lead to a very strong relationship.

And, that’s the first impression you may want to give her; hey, I know the worlds a messed up place and you may feel like you can’t trust anybody, but I am here and you can trust me.

  1. Take her home

And by that I mean, take her home and introduce her to your parents, it’s one of the sweetest gestures ever. Also meet her family, she’ll really appreciate it and so will they. It will show commitment on your part and cement what could be an amazing relationship. This is one of the most important things in building any relationship because it gives your partner a view of where you came from and help them better understand you.

  1. Make her feel special

Back to what I said in the beginning, the best part about a relationship is being made to feel special. Do that for her. Show her you care and are attentive towards her. Get her, her favorite ice cream or maybe watch her favorite show with her, carry her bag, get her coffee in the morning. Small things like this can go a long way in showing her you care.

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