Chloe Cherry Says Her Naked Scene in Euphoria Was Cut Because Co-star Tyler Chase Told Director ‘That’s A lot’

Elise Jones, professionally known as Chloe Cherry, is an American actress, model, and former adult star who appeared in more than 200 adult films.

The 25-year-old p*** star also appeared on HBO’s high school adolescent drama, Euphoria along with Tyler Chase, Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Angus Cloud, Jacob Elordi, and Maude Apatow.

Speaking with The Daily Beast, Chloe, who played the character of Fay in the series, admitted that she was a little intimated on her first day on the set of Euphoria.

Cherry, who entered the show in the season, said director Sam Levinson initially wanted her to be completely naked while filming a scene with co-star Tyler who played the role of her on-screen boyfriend, Custer, on the show.

According to Cherry, everything was so abrupt, and there wasn’t even any time to get familiar with Tyler before their first scene together.

“We just met and said, ‘Hey, how are you?’ and then shot the scene,” she told The Daily Beast. “It probably would’ve been more comfortable had we had a little more time to know each other.”

She added, “Sam wanted to do the scene with me completely naked and Tyler was like, ‘That’s a lot’, so they decided not to. But I was covered in fake blood and just felt so good being on set.”

Her comments sparked a debate online as some fans said the director should not have expected her to do a naked scene just because she is an adult actress. Meanwhile, others opined that she should have been the one to express her discomfort with the wish instead of Tyler.

“Interesting that she couldn’t even express her discomfort, but Tyler had to do it for her. Sam Levinson went out of his way to select actresses primed for no boundaries on set and even then they were *still* uncomfortable,” one wrote.

“I realize she’s an adult actress but I don’t think it’s fair of him to assume that means she’s just supposed to strip down for any [scene] without batting an eyelash. Come on Sam!” a second wrote.


“That’s so random to want her to be naked in that scene. Wtf for? I’m glad they didn’t go through with it,” said another.

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Source: Daily Beast

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