Jennifer Aniston Stuns As She Holds Hands With Not-So-Glam Adam Sandler on the Red Carpet at Murder Mystery 2 Premiere in LA

Jennifer Aniston looked stunning in her sheer silver mini-dress as she attended the premiere of her new Netflix film, Murder Mystery, with longtime pal and costar, Adam Sandler.

According to Daily Mail, “The actress, 54, showed off her toned bronze legs and arms in a form-fitting silver netted mini dress with beaded details and an intricate design.”

“The Friends star – who’s been busy promoting the upcoming film – sported a pair of strappy black heels for the occasion, showing off her nude manicure.”

On the other hand, Adam, 56, went for a rather casual look and was pictured wearing a New York Knicks hoodie with khaki pants and blue sneakers.

Commenting on his remarkably causal look for a rather flashy event, Aniston screamed, jokingly, “What the hell are you doing?!” while she spoke to Entertainment Tonight for an interview. “I’m not standing next to him,” she chuckled.

The duo then debated about Sandler’s outfit.

“You said it, you texted me, ‘Please wear your sweatshirt,’” claimed Adam.

“I said, ‘Please don’t wear your sweatshirt,’” she replied.

Speaking to People Magazine, Jennifer gushed about her longtime friendship with Adam and said she always enjoys working with him as the two are very close friends.

“Yes, there’s trust. We trust each other and we know that we’re going to have a good time. We have each other’s back. We take care of each other. Neutral, deep respect for each other.”

“He’s just exactly who he is and has been since I’ve met him,” she added. “Just always have a wonderful time” in “every moment.”

Meanwhile, Adam recalled his first meeting with the Friends alum and how he found her really funny, and every time they met or hung out together, their time was always filled with laughter and happy moments

“I remember when we first met, we had breakfast together and I thought she was funny as hell. Then I saw her a few more times and I just always … she made me happy when I’d see her.”

“She’s just funny. She’s great hanging out with guys, great hanging out with girls, knows what to say, knows how to calm you down, but I just remember, anytime I’d be out and I’d see her, I’d be like, ‘Oh, there’s Aniston.’ And we’d go over to each other and start laughing.”

The 50 First Dates actor said even his “dog and Jen get along pretty good.”

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