Clarkson’s Farm Star Kaleb Cooper Announces Engagement on Christmas Day

Clarkson’s Farm’s Kaleb Cooper is engaged to his girlfriend of six and a half years!

The 24-year-old farming contractor popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Taya, on Christmas, and she said yes.

On December 25, Cooper took to his Instagram and posted an adorable selfie with his fiancée and wrote,

“She said yes! 2022 has been an amazing year. This definitely tops it off. I honestly can’t wait for 2023 and all the following years after that. @tayaaaxx your my best friend as well as the love of my life. Was a long wait for this(6 and a half years).”

In the picture, Taya could be seen flaunting her engagement ring as she happily posed for the camera.

More than 167K people liked the post on Instagram, and over 1300 people commented to congratulate the happy couple, including Taya, who couldn’t contain her excitement.


Jeremy Clarson’s daughter and podcast host, Emily Clarkson, also wished the couple and wrote, “Yayyyyyy congrats guys!”

Meanwhile, YouTuber, Casper Lee, who also announced his engagement on Christmas Eve, wrote, “Congrats mate! Great time to get engaged.”

“Ahhhhhh congrats!!! Literally just finished reading your book. Loved it!” another person commented.

“Congratulations Kaleb! Merry Christmas man 🙂 you deserve the best, and you have just that,” another wrote.

The announcement came a few weeks after Kaleb announced that he and Taya are expecting their second child.

“So excited to announce that baby cooper number 2 is cooking nicely. my number one goal is to buy myself a farm and be able to bring my kids up enjoying what I think is the best lifestyle which is the farming lifestyle,” the 24-year-old wrote on his Instagram on November 26.

The couple is already parents to their one-and-a-half-year-old son, Oscar, who was born last year in March.

“Would like everyone to meet Oscar George Cooper! Born 22nd of March. Time 8:18 am. Weighing 7.7lbs So so happy been a very long 28 hours! @tayaaaxx did an amazing job so proud of her,” Kaleb wrote in his baby-revealing post on Instagram.

The farming contractor rose to fame from Jeremy Clarkson’s Amazon Prime Series when he attempted to farm 1000 acres of land in the Cotswolds, UK.

In his interview with The Sun, Cooper said he always wanted to be a young dad and have plenty of experience with kids.

“I don’t know if I feel nervous or excited,” he said. “I have always wanted to be a younger dad and I have plenty of experience with kids having to put up with Jeremy every day.”

“Oscar is already better at farming than Jeremy I’m sure of it!”

The farming expert added that he and Taya revealed the news of their second pregnancy after 12 weeks.

“Taya was very excited but I said, ‘Crap, I could have timed that better’. I’m going to be really busy next June — it’s coming into summer which is peak hay-making season.”

“My next goal is to bring my small little family to my own farm,” he told The Sun. “I’m doing all I can to try to get that. Your dreams come true when you work hard and you’re passionate about something.”

Cooper is filming the third season of Clarkson’s Farm for Prime Video.

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