The 9 Most Common Lies That Women Tell Their Men (And It Happens All The Time)

Honesty is really hard to come by in this modern world – and that’s something to be expected. It’s all part of the basic human instinct to engage in self-preservation. We always want to be acting in ways that further our own personal interests. We are always looking out for our own personal well-being. And that means that sometimes, we’re going to have to lie and deceive others. The truth isn’t always going to be on our side; and there will be moments wherein we will want to skew the truth just a little bit to make sure that it favors us.

Just because your woman loves you doesn’t mean that she hasn’t lied to you throughout the course of your relationship. It’s perfectly possible for her to want to lie to you even though she’s madly in love with you. Yes, you want her to always stay open, honest, and true with her. However, you can’t always know for sure. And if you’re interested in knowing what kind of lies she could be telling you, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Remember that she’s only human and that even though she might think that honesty is the best policy, she might still stumble and tell you the occasional lie. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big deal. A little dishonesty in a relationship isn’t always going to be such a dread. However, if you don’t want to be made a fool of, then you should read the rest of this article. If you hear your lady utter a few of these towards you, then you have reason to be skeptical.

1. “I don’t think about my ex.”

Of course, she thinks about her ex every now and then. It’s only normal. And that shouldn’t really be a problem for you so as long as she isn’t acting on her feelings. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be so concerned with whether she thinks about her ex or not.

2. “I’m fine.”

She’s not fine; she just doesn’t want to have to be explaining how she feels to you at the moment. She doesn’t want to have to engage with you. She tells you that she’s fine so that you’d just leave her alone and let her handle her issues on her own.

3. “Yup. You’re right.”

You aren’t ALWAYS going to be right about everything in all the arguments that you guys are going to have. Sometimes, she’s just going to concede defeat as a way of saying that she’s tired of arguing with you and that she’s getting quite fed up.

4. “I don’t really care about the women you’ve been with.”

It’s not likely that she doesn’t care about the women you’ve been with. Of course, she does. It’s especially true for those girls who are incredibly competitive and driven. They will want to make sure that they’re the best. She’s going to want to make sure that you don’t have any regrets being with her.

5. “You look really nice today.”

You’re not ALWAYS going to be looking like a Greek god – and that’s okay. You’re only human. But even in those days where you aren’t looking your best, consider yourself lucky to have a girl who still tries to boost your confidence by telling you that you look good.

6.  “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes.”

She isn’t going to be ready in 5 minutes. So you might as well just stop asking her when she’s going to be done getting ready. She’s going to finish when she finishes. And she’s really going to try her best to make sure that she’s worth the wait.

7. “But it was on sale!”

It wasn’t on sale. She just saw it and it looked pretty – and so she went out and bought it. Hey, if she treats herself every once in a while, it shouldn’t really be a problem. This is especially true if it’s her money. It only becomes a problem when these shopping sprees become too frequent.

8. “I love all of your friends.”

That’s not possible. She’s not going to love ALL of your friends. There are bound to be a few bad apples here and there; a few guys who just aren’t going to tickle her fancy. But she doesn’t want you to think that you have a bad taste in friends either.

9. “I don’t care if I get sick too.”

You tell her not to spend time with you or kiss you when you’re sick because you know that she’s going to catch whatever virus you might have. And she tells you that she doesn’t care; that she genuinely just wants to take care of you. The truth is that she does care about her own health; it’s just that she probably cares about you more.

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