Common myths about intimacy

There are so, so many myths surrounding sex and pleasure that it’s hard to keep count. These misconceptions stem from a lot of things: how different people and different cultures around the world look at sex and what they think about it. How social media portrays sex and everything related to sex. Porn plays a massive role in what people have come to believe about sex. Porn has made people think things about sex that would never happen in real life. But, because porn has a social impact that reaches so far and wide across the world, it has shaped people’s opinion on sex to a significant degree.

People who have and had sex, who are experienced in that manner, will tell you how silly and even stupid porn can be and it is not just about porn. It’s about everything around us: advertisements, movies, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and what not. Actually, in real life, you must have come across several instances where people rave about their sexual experiences. They make everything sound impeccable and incredible to the point where it starts to look a bit improbable? So all the myths that happen to be widely believed to be true aren’t just because of what’s going on in our tv, laptop and mobile screens. It’s also because of the people around us. Not everyone is honest about sex and their sexual experiences. Has anyone ever told you they’ve never EVER had lousy sex? Have you heard them say things like they’re always having the most significant time in bed with all kind of people? Yeah, don’t buy that. No one has NEVER had bad sex in their lives. Everyone goes through something or the other suing sex at some point that makes them learn a whole bunch of lessons on lovemaking.

Even though we may be living in the 21st century, people are still pretty misinformed about sex and sexual pleasure. That’s probably because no one really talks about sex as openly and more importantly, as honestly as they need to, to clear all the haze and the misconceptions that come with the idea of sexual intercourse. But talking isn’t enough when it comes to something like sex. it has to be experienced. Someone can tell you everything there is be said about kissing, they can break down all the facts for you and mention all the possibilities of what could go wrong and what could go right. However, as long as a person doesn’t experience it for themselves, they’ll never really know what to believe and what not to believe. Not everything works out or fails to work out the same way for everyone.

Every situation involving sex and sexual pleasure is different. Have you ever happen to believe in myths about sexual satisfaction and only came to realize its all bullsh*t the first time you actually had sex with someone? Yep, that’s not surprising. Thanks to all the lies sex have been tainted with throughout the years.

With that being said, let’s go ahead and debunk all the false claims and myths people tend to believe about sex:

1. Orgasm is the only reason to have sex

No, that’s not true. Although there’s a good reason why people believe in this myth because orgasms are apparently the best part about sex but its still just a myth after all. It’s not just the orgasm, it’s the entire experience of having sex that is worth it from begging to the end. Sexual intimacy has many, many more purposes other than making you climax during sex.

2. Everyone has multiple orgasms in a row

No, that doesn’t always happen. As surprising as it may sound, sex won’t always give you several orgasms in one go. It’s easier for some women to have an orgasm after the first one, but, other women feel their vaginas, and clitoris gets very sensitive after an orgasm, it takes a while to have another orgasm because of that.

3. Men think of sex all the time

The media has made us believe men are obsessed with sex all the time but that’s not true. Men love sex but so do women. Of course, men think of sex a lot but saying they think of sex all the time would be going a bit too far.

4. All women orgasm

Sorry to break it to you but as miserable as it may sound, not every woman orgasms. Some women have a tough time having an orgasm, and some don’t have one at all. Not all women have intense orgasms during sex, and not all women love sex as much as others. Achieving an orgasm isn’t as easy for women as it is for men. Sex can be painful for women, some have way more sensitive vaginas than others, and there can be complications involved. So here’s to debunking the myth that is not normal for women o not orgasm; it is entirely normal.

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