Controversy Arises After Man Accuses Woman of Filming Stretches at the Gym, Claiming It Makes Him Feel ‘Unsafe’

A woman has ignited a discussion after sharing a TikTok video of her encounter with a man at the gym who criticized her actions, telling her she was ‘what’s wrong with girls’. TikToker and OnlyFans creator Madi Ruvee uploaded the interaction online, with the video captioned ‘was he valid for this’, quickly gaining traction.

In the footage, she was seen recording herself at the gym, bouncing up and down while holding an exercise ball, when the man approached and questioned her, saying “yo, what are you doing?”

While filming oneself at the gym is a contentious issue, this man appeared to be more irritated than most. The TikToker explained to him that she was doing her leg day warm-up, but he didn’t seem too pleased with her response.

“No, don’t give me that bulls**t, I know you know what you’re doing,” he repeated his skepticism, clearly not buying her explanation that she was warming up for leg exercises.

“You realise that you’re actually what’s wrong with girls, you’re actually what’s wrong with girls,” the man said.

The man bluntly expressed his disapproval, deeming her actions as ‘ridiculous’ and instructing her not to engage in such behavior at ‘his gym’. He further emphasized that she should ‘keep this stuff online’ and not bring it to the gym.

The video concluded abruptly as the phone seemed to be knocked over, initiating a debate following its viral spread.

There was a heated debate over ‘pulse squats’, which the woman claimed she was doing, with some supporting her explanation of performing ‘deep seated pulse squats’, while others remained convinced that she wasn’t engaged in a legitimate exercise.

Another individual questioned, “what gives him the right to approach her like that”, while someone else concurred, stating “bro was out of line on this one.” Nonetheless, there were others who believed that the video creator “knew what she was doing” and asserted that “that wasn’t a leg warm-up.”

In response to another commenter who argued that the man’s complaint was ‘100% valid, you were not stretching’, she retaliated with another video.

“So just because I do OF I’m not allowed to stretch at the gym? Because before I started OF I was doing that same stretch before every leg day, right,” she said. “And also to all the girls saying I deserved it and to all the people saying I deserve to have my phone kicked, I deserve to be harassed in public because I was minding my own business in the smallest corner of the gym, is there a rule that says no phones?”


Replying to @Mario Ochoa no one deserves to be harassed in public because of their job

♬ original sound – Madi Ruvee

“No there’s not. Was it on a tripod, was I being obnoxious? No I wasn’t. Was I being loud? No. So I don’t know,” she continued. “It’s really sad to me to see all these comments saying that I deserve something because I went to the gym and I was stretching.”

“I’m assuming he already knew who I was because I am online in the way that I am and that it made him angry, and guys tend to get mad at things they can’t have.”

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