Controversy Stirs as Plus-Sized Model Suggests Airlines Should Increase Seat Sizes

A big discussion started after a plus-sized model said airlines should make plane seats larger.

If you’ve ever flown in the regular seats on a flight, you’ve probably had at least one not-so-fun experience. It’s not nice when you end up feeling squished in your seat or someone’s arm is taking over your armrest. And the worst is when someone falls asleep on you. Maybe making the seats bigger would make things better for everyone.

Check out Gracie Bon’s video that’s getting a lot of views, where she talks about why she thinks this change is needed. The model believes that airplane seats are not big enough for people who are larger in size.

Gracie, who has a stunning curvy body, boarded a plane while other passengers openly glanced at her figure. When she settled into her seat – or rather, seats – it became clear that Gracie actually occupied two seats. In response to a comment from a user, she confirmed that she indeed uses two seats when she flies, securing herself in the middle of the pair.

“It’s 2024, bodies are changing, so planes should too,” she said in her video. “I won’t lose my butt to fit on a plane so give me another solution or just make the seats bigger.”

The 25-year-old previously shared photos of herself when she weighed 21 stone at 21 years old. She told her followers that she used to ‘adore her 300-lb body’.

“The truth is that I loved it so much that I wanted to take care of it and decided to save myself,” the model said.

In the comment section, many people criticized Gracie, stating that it was her choice to look like that, so she has no right to complain about the consequences.

“Girl you paid to look like that. You MADE your own problem,” one wrote.

“If you can afford the cheeks, you can afford the seats,” said another.

“Why the hell are you booking economy seats?” asked another follower.

“There are planes made for people like you. Its named “cargo”’ a fourth said sarcastically.

“No no, buying 2 tickets literally does fix your problem. It’s not the airlines fault you can’t fit in a normal sized seat,” another person remarked.

One even offered a solution and said, “Take out the implants problem solved”

“Bodies are changing… yeah… but not for the better,” said another.

Meanwhile, one even asked, ‘Do you think that’s pretty? Honest question?'”

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