Couple Lost over $27,000 on their Wedding When More than Half of the RSVP’d Guests Didn’t Show Up

A newlywed couple was left heartbroken on their wedding day when more than half of the guests who RSVP’d didn’t attend the wedding.

Gray Narvaez-Dragion, an 18-year-old transgender who uses they/them pronouns, and their husband, Nyx Narvaez, were brought to tears when they spent thousands of dollars on their wedding reception, but more than half of the guests who said yes to attending the event didn’t show up.

In her now-viral video on TikTok, Gray told their followers that 88 people said they would attend their wedding. However, less than 40 people came.

“88 people said yes… not even 40 showed up,” they wrote.

The clip immediately went viral on the platform and gained over 8 million views with thousands of comments.

People in the comment section slammed the inconsiderate people who didn’t attend their wedding after RSVPing the invite.

“Send a bill for the food to who ever RSVPd yes and didn’t show up for basically the most important day of your life,” one follower wrote.

“This is why canceled wedding planning and eloped. Because my anxiety couldn’t handle the embarrassment I’d feel at having an empty wedding,” a second commented.

“If you can’t make it to a wedding TELL THE HOSTS it’s ok! they will save money with their caterer if you give notice! don’t lie!” a third said.

“I’m sorry, I hope you make some better friends,” someone wrote.

In a follow-up video on TikTok, Gray revealed that after sitting in the empty wedding hall with their husband and crying together, they ended the reception early and had to cancel the dinner, private dance, and their dream sendoff.

“We literally sat in the empty ceremony room together and cried,” they wrote on the follow-up video clip.

“Ended reception early, nyx’s family immediately left after pictures, my mom didnt say a single word to me until my dad made her, canceled my dream send off, canceled dinner at my favorite place, the DJ felt so bad he made us use the photobooth I hadn’t touched and took pics together, we fell during our first dance… my mom deadnamed me at my own wedding too.”

Gray said their wedding made them happy; however, the empty chairs in the ceremony room made them cry.

They said things got even worst when they tripped during their first dance with their groom, and their mom didn’t even say a single word until their father made her.

They added that they are financially broken after spending more than $27K on the event.

“I can’t afford our own food after I got fired and not even half attended. I’m devastated,” They said in the comments.

Speaking to the Insider, Narvaez-Dragion said the people they invited to their wedding weren’t random but close friends.

“Every person we invited wasn’t random; we loved every single one very dearly.”

According to the outlet, “Narvaez-Dragion said one person even texted them the morning of the wedding saying she was so excited to attend but then did not actually attend.”

“In total, Narvaez-Dragion said, they lost about $2,500 of the $3,000 they’d paid toward the food, a DJ, and gifts for their guests. They were left with a ton of food, including a massive charcuterie table and most of the wedding cake.”

Narvaez also said that they haven’t unpacked their wedding gifts yet because it just ‘hurts’ too much.

“We have most of them in my car right now. We haven’t even really unpacked it. My flowers are still in there. It hurts too much now.”

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Source: TikTokInsider

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