Couple Sparked Debate by Clicking a Selfie After Disastrous Plane Crash in Peru

Recently a couple survived a plane crash that hit a fire truck on the runway. The incident took place in Peru.

“Over the weekend, a LATAM Airlines plane taking off from the airport in Peru’s capital Lima caught fire when it struck a fire truck on the runway,” NDTV reported.

“Thankfully, all the 120 passengers aboard and the airline crew survived the disastrous accident. However, the crash claimed the lives of two firefighters, who were there on the runway.”

A few minutes after the crash, the lucky couple clicked a celebratory selfie with the damaged aircraft in the background and shared it on social media.

The man named Enrique Varsi-Rospigliosi clicked a selfie with his wife and shared it on Twitter, where it caused quite an outrage.

“In the photo, they are seen smiling while covered in a white, chalky fire suppressant chemical, clearly relieved that they survived the accident.”

“Behind them, the LATAM aircraft can be seen partially burned and tilted onto its right-hand wing, which is on the ground.”

Enrique captioned his photo, “When life gives you a second chance.”  

A Facebook page A320 Systems also shared the couple’s selfie and wrote, “Selfie of the year. Glad they are okay.”

The photo went viral on social media and divided internet users into opinions. While many people celebrated their survival and sent best wishes and bliss, many other users criticized the duo for being insensitive and documenting the disaster that took two lives.

“I find it so bizarre, in a neutral way, that people take selfies after surviving tragedies. I probably would do the same, I feel the urge to document the experience. And the rest of us get to peek into such situations thanks to these pictures. It gives me such a weird feeling,” one user wrote.

“‘In those moments of tragedy, those who leave their lives want to share the miracle of…Living!” wrote another.

“What idiots ! 2 dead firefighters and these clowns are taking selfies at a crash,” a third user penned.

A fourth commented, “I think it was rude of them, or maybe they are unaware of what exactly happened.”

“It’s stupid to upload a selfie at that moment knowing that those who crashed did die,” someone wrote.

According to Reuters, “the incident took place at Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima on Friday.”

In one of the clips circulating on social media, the airplane could be seen colliding with the fire engine coming from the opposite side as it careened down the runway. A second clip showed the plane catching fire and releasing heavy smoke in the air.

An eye-witness who also filmed the incident told Reuters, “Everyone in the departure lounge was apprehensive until we saw the plane stopped, and then the fire engines and ambulances arrived.”

“It was harrowing because we didn’t know how many people were inside the plane, and the flames were very tall.”

The cause of the incident is currently under investigation.

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Sources: NDTVTwitterReuters

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