Couple Speechless After Having ‘One in 200 Million’ Identical Triplets

A Yorkshire couple is happy and surprised after they beat the one in 200 million odds to give birth to identical triplets.

Jenni and James Casper from Yorshire, UK, have recently welcomed identical triplets who are so similar to each other that they have separate chairs to differentiate between them.

Although the three girls, Harper-Gwen, Marvella, and Evalynn, were born prematurely – they arrived nine weeks earlier than their due date, doctors have told their parents there is nothing to worry about their health.

They were born on March 31 at York Hospital in England.

Last year, when Jenni, 27, and James, 26, discovered that they would become parents to identical triplets, they couldn’t believe their luck.

According to Daily Mail, “Jenni, 27, and James, 26, had initially been told they were expecting twins, the chances of which are roughly one in 250. But the couple said they were left speechless when they discovered at the 12-week scan that they would be having triplets instead.”

Jenni and James already had two daughters – Danica, 10, and Gabrielle, 4. Now they are delighted parents to five daughters.

“Now we’re at home and we’ve settled in with them, it’s a bit surreal. But we’re just overwhelmed and they’ve met their older sisters who are absolutely over the moon and are just so excited,” said James, who works as a bin man.

The baby girls weighed 2lb 13oz, 3lb 1oz, and 3lb at the time of birth and spent six weeks in the hospital at the Special Care Baby Unit before finally going home.

“It’s amazing having them home now, it makes us feel more secure knowing that we have got them home,” the pair said.

Jenni said she was 12 weeks pregnant when the doctor told her she was going to become a mom to triplets. Later when she went for her checkup at 20 weeks, she was told the triplets were identical.

“Jenni rang me as soon as she found out, and she told me over the phone,” said James. “At first I didn’t believe her, I thought it was funny because we had been joking, saying ‘can you imagine if we’re having triplets?”

“She sent me the scan photos of all of their three heads together and my jaw dropped. I was absolutely speechless and I just didn’t know what to do. I was like ‘what do we do now?” he added. “I was in tears and then I was happy and then I was thinking how are we going to cope and it was a whole mix of emotions.”

The dad-of-five further said his newborn triplets are so similar to each other it becomes difficult to tell who is who. So, they put them in separate chairs to tell them apart.

“Now they are getting a little bit older, they are starting to grow into their features. Now they are literally identical. For the first two days of them being home, we left their hospital wristbands on that have their names on.”

He continued, “Now we have specific seats and bouncing chairs for them. So we have three different ones and we put them in the same chair so we know which one is which. If me and Jenni had to close our eyes and someone mixed them up, then it would be very difficult to work out who is who.”

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