Couple Took Wedding Photos At MRT Station Where They First Met

‘Love at first sight’ is merely a fairytale concept nowadays, and many people don’t even believe in this concept.

However, the story of this Singaporean assistant station manager not only proves that this kind of love still exists but would also console lonely hearts never to stop believing in love because it can happen to you as well at the most unexpected place.

According to a Facebook post by SBS Transit Limited, assistant station manager Amin found the love of his life, Kathleen, at the MRT station in Singapore while working his regular shift.

When Amin looked at Kathleen, who too was working her shift at the station as the Customer Service Officer, he was charmed by her beautiful smile and wanted to talk to her.

But Amin was too shy to initiate a conversation with Kathleen, so he resisted until their duty hours were over. So, the day passed, and he didn’t get a chance to spark a conversation with Kathleen.

The station manager was so smitten with Kathleen, yet he couldn’t say a single ‘hello’ to her and regretted it later. Amin thought he would never see her again, but fate was kind to him.

A few days later, one of Amin’s colleagues introduced him to Kathleen while they were all aboard on train for their duty.

This time, he didn’t repeat the mistake and talked to the woman he had been crushing on.

After their first interaction on the train, Amin befriended Kathleen on Facebook, and the two started talking and chatting.

Within a year, Kathleen fell in love with Amin, who already had feelings for her, and the two developed a romantic relationship.

The Facebook post post said, “in 2020, Amin proposed to her.”

Sharing photos of their wedding photoshoot that took place at the exact same place where they met for the first time, SBS Transit wrote,

“On their special day, the couple were at Little India Station to take some photographs and reminisce the first time they met.”

“We wish Amin and Kathleen endless happiness. Check out the photos the couple shared with us!”

The comment section was filled with congratulatory messages to the happy couple, and many people also adored their sweet love story.

“Love is everywhere, it never knows the level of appearance, gold & jewels. Because love is truly blind.”… Congratulations to both of you,” one wrote.

“Congratulations to the lovely couple, so glad he talked to her on the train,” another commented.

“Such a lovely story. I’m so glad you guys got your happy ending. Congratulations, Amin and Kathleen,” a third commenter added.

“Malay got old saying… shy shy cat. He want but he shy. Nevertheless big congrats!” another joked.

“Congratulations to the blessed couple, such a sweet love story,” another Facebook user commented.

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Sources: SBS Transit Limited on Facebook

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