Couples that never give up on each other, end up with each other

Perfect relationships don’t exist. Perfection is boring anyway. Relationships can’t always be happy and wonderful. A relationship that is growing will be dynamic, ever-evolving and challenging. It takes an immense amount of mental strength, commitment and love to make a relationship work in the long run. If you want it, it’ll show in your actions and intentions. It’s not impossible to make a relationship last forever. All it takes is two individual who love each other enough to always come back and stick to one another no matter what. The key lies in the belief that two lovers can conquer whatever comes their way and that no matter what, nothing can ever take it away from them.

1. Embracing each other’s flaws:

People can be difficult, and, in your lifetime, your significant other will give you reasons to reconsider your choices and rethink your decisions. Every one of us wants to date someone they can always be proud of. They want to live with the notion that the person they chose to spend their life with is someone who will never let them down, who will constantly give them reasons to feel full of pride. As a matter of fact, being human and being as flawed as we are, there’s no way you can expect anyone to ever be entirely devoid of flaws as it is naturally impossible.

Two lovers will always embrace each other’s weaknesses. They will absorb within themselves the reality that it is unfair to expect someone to still make them proud or happy. The most vital characteristic of a relationship is that two people will love each other harder for their shortcoming. They will never stop trying to guide each other and fix them through their dark times and rough patches. That’s how you can guarantee a relationship goes on forever and ever. They don’t hate each other for their mistakes. They solve these problems with love and strength and every such solution comes from within.

2. Keeping realistic expectations:

Your relationship may make you feel like you’re in heaven but don’t think your relationship is a work of Aphrodite that has been sent to you straight from above, pristine and perfect. It is not like that. Couples need to keep their outlook on the relationship as real as possible. It’s a bond between two human beings, and sometimes things will go right, other times they will go wrong. Be realistic about what your relationship can give you and what it can do for you. A relationship requires constant work and commitment, things don’t magically work out until two people in a relationship with each other aren’t doing everything it takes to make it grow every day.

It always becomes stronger than before:
It is not easy for two people to spend their lives together. Such a bond of love is a profound and complex one. They will share different values, beliefs, opinions, interests, and perspectives but what will always keep them together is the one thing they will still be on the same page about, and that is their love for each other. They can give up on each other when it comes to proving their own point, making each other look at things from their personal standpoint, they can give up on each other’s habits, beliefs and whatnot but one thing they will never give up on is the love they have for one another.

3. The relationship comes first:

Because a relationship is a chosen priority, the choice will sometimes come at a price. To love is fundamentally about making sacrifice after all. There will be times in your life when you will find yourself at a crossroads. You may have to make a choice between your relationship and something else that is very dear to you in certain situations. What keeps a bond strong enough never to break, what makes the love of two people never fade is the belief that the relationship comes before everything else for them. Their better half is always the number 1 priority.

4. They always choose each other:

Two people in love are those who consistently prefer each other over everyone else they’ve ever known. They make a conscious choice of sharing their lives with each other, and they stick to that choice. When there are dark skies looming over your relationship and things become so bad that you find yourself stuck at a stage of “I don’t know if I can do this anymore”, the thought of living without the one to whom you’ve given your all comes to you, and your heart takes you back to them. Deep down, you’ve never known a life without them, and that’s how you choose to keep it for the rest of your life.

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