Couples Who Roast One Another Regularly Are The Strongest

If you happen to be in a relationship with someone wherein the two of you are always making fun of one another, then you would be happy to know that you are bound to have a very long and strong relationship that is full of life and happiness. And that’s not just some random hullaballoo. That is actually the professional assessment of many relationship experts.

Based on the research conducted at Appalachian State University, it is always a strong indicator of a healthy relationship when two people are able to roast each other regularly without getting mad or upset about it. It turns out that your sarcasm and witty remarks about each other are actually helping your entire relationship out as a whole. You are getting closer to one another and you are strengthening your relationship in the process according to the experts.

When it comes to crafting a healthy relationship, most people tend to think that there are certain foundation rules that need to be followed in order to really ensure the success of the romance. They say that relationships always need to have strong foundations of trust, honesty, patience, humility, open-mindedness, and other things. And of course, it’s always going to vary depending on the types of personalities that you have as individuals.

You are going to have your own personal worldviews, senses of humor, goals, interests, passions, etc. However, based on the research conducted by Appalachian State University, scientists have actually found that there is a rather unusual practice between couples that can serve as an indicator of strength and happiness in a relationship. And that’s the act of roasting one another. In other words, couples who poke fun at one another are more likely to be able to make their relationships last.

All relationships are going to carry with them certain traits and idiosyncrasies that will make them special and unique. You can choose to refer to these unique traits as quirks. These are the very specific details that surround an individual that the general public doesn’t usually get the chance to witness.

These are the sides of your personality that you don’t really like to reveal to people other than your significant other. And the reason for that is because you know that a lot of these things can be very off-putting and downright weird.

However, based on the professional analyses of experts, when you make fun of each other’s quirks in a relationship, you are actually connecting with one another in a very special and intimate manner. You are essentially telling your partner that you see their “flaws” and that you not only accept them but find joy in them as well.

And that can prove to be very healthy for the dynamics of your relationship. You are essentially telling your partner that you see them for who they really are still all in despite all of the quirks that they have.

But it’s also important to keep in mind that you need to set limits and boundaries as well. You always need to be policing yourself in this activity so as not to get carried away. Like most everything else in life, moderation is always going to be key.

You don’t want to be roasting your partner to the point that you are actually tearing them apart. You don’t want to be making them feel bad about their flaws and imperfections. You don’t want to be touching on topics that they might be sensitive to. Just try to keep things light and always do things with humor and good intentions at heart.

And why is it so effective? It’s because it’s all about promoting good vibrations and positive energy in your relationship. You are trying to make each other laugh. And a relationship that is full of laughter is a relationship that is full of happiness.

When you are able to laugh as a couple, you reduce the stress and pressure in your relationship. You become more confident about who you are as individuals and you learn to accept the quirks that you have to be a part of who you really are.

Studies have already proven that laughter can do wonders for lowering stress and blood pressure in the body. It can even be seen as a very relaxing and healing form of meditation. The less stress you have in your relationships, then the happier you are as a couple.

You are also effectively strengthening the ties in your relationship whenever you make fun of each other playfully. You feel a lot more comfortable with the person that you’re with whenever you are always able to laugh and have a good time with each other. At the end of the day, it’s all about building that connection so that it becomes unbreakable.

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