Court Orders Husband to Pay Ex-Wife $215,000 for 25 Years of Unpaid Housework

A Spanish court ordered a businessman to pay £180,000 ($215K) to his ex-wife, Ivana Moral, for 25 years of unpaid domestic labor.

It has been reported that Moral, 48, will receive 204,624.86 euros – a little over £182,000 in a record divorce settlement.

According to iNews and El Pais newspaper, “Ivana Moral will receive a monthly pension of €500 (about $528) from her ex-husband, whom she asked for a divorce from in 2020.”

“The outlets reported the total amount for the pension was decided by a Málaga judge who based it on the minimum monthly professional wage for the 25 years the pair were married,” wrote PEOPLE.

The husband, who has not been named, was also ordered to pay €400 (£356) and €600 (£533) to his two daughters, who are 20 and 14 years old.

EuroNews reported that Ivana “exclusively” handled all the house chores during the 25 years of their marriage.

According to The Mirror, “Ivana Moral, a 48-year-old from Malaga, Spain, told a courtroom in Vélez-Málaga she felt “economically threatened, worthless, always depending on the same person” during her marriage.”

“Over this period, she worked at home raising her two daughters, taking care of her husband, and ensuring their house was “always impeccable”, she said.

As per the local outlet, the figure was calculated by Judge Laura Ruiz Alaminos based on the annual minimum wage throughout the couple’s 25 years of marriage.

The mother-of-two said that she got married in 1995, and throughout her marriage, she cared for her husband, which allowed his assets to grow but not hers.

“Clearly this was a case of abuse to be completely excluded financially (by my ex-husband) with nothing left after my marriage ended, so me and my daughters were left with nothing after all these years of putting all my time, energy and love in the family,” Moral told iNews.

“I was supporting my husband in his work and in the family as a mother and a father. I was never allowed access to his financial affairs; everything was in his name.”

Ivana also claimed that her ex refused to pay her daughter’s college fees when she turned 16.

“This ruling represents the labor of all the women in the shadows and who, without a doubt, constitute a fundamental support in personal, marital, and familiar terms during years and years so that the ex-husband could develop his professional career and a rise in wealth which at the moment of separation could not share,” Ivana’s attorney told iNews.

“So he could get on in his career, she stayed at home to look after the children, and they never contacted anyone to help her,” attorney Marta Fuentes told the outlet.

“She was his shadow, working behind [him] so he could rise professionally and become someone.”

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