Dad Has Incredible Reaction After Divorce is Finalized

A video of a dad enthusiastically dancing in a suit after his divorce was finalized has gone viral on TikTok, and people can’t stop laughing.

TikTok user Kyla Fitzpatrick shared a video of his father dancing with excitement in his suit with divorce papers in his hands and wrote,

“Dad is officially divorced,” with caption, “Mr. Fitz is finally free.”

The eight-second clip showed Mr. Fitzpatrick holding a box of champagne in one hand and what appeared to be his divorce papers in the other.

The happy father was wearing a navy blue suit with a white shirt underneath. He was also sporting his cool black shades while standing in his front yard.

The clip showed Mr. Fitz taking one look at his divorce papers and then started dancing as the song ‘Request Refused’ by rapper Xavier Wulf played in the background.

“No, I cannot wife a thot, b***h, no, I won’t, I just cannot. She say, “Can I slide through?”, b***h, no, you can’t.”

The clip amassed over 21 million views on TikTok and received over 5 million likes with thousands of comments.

“He about to live his BEST LIFE,” one wrote.

“i will be making this when it happens,” a second said.

“Bro actually got freed up,” a third wrote.

“Mans definitely had that prenup too,” a fourth commented.

“Love this but also, why do all our dads have the same dance moves?” one user joked.

“ask him if he’s free this Friday,” one lady wrote under Kyla’s video while another said she will take Mr. Fitz as he looks rich.

Meanwhile, many other users said they will love to see the mom’s reaction after the finalization of the divorce.

“Going to let the algorithm decide if I see moms side,” someone said.

“Love this but I would like to watch his wife’s reaction too. Maybe it will be even better than this. Anyway congrats to the happy man,” said someone else.

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Source: TikTok

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