Dad Shaves His Daughter’s Hair After She Made Fun and Pulled the Wig of a Classmate With Cancer

A teenage girl made fun of her classmate with cancer and pulled her wig as she was bald. As a punishment, her father decided to teach his daughter a lesson and shaved her hair.

In 2019, Redditor MasterOfGamepipoca took to the platform’s AITA forum and shared how he shaved his daughter’s head for making fun of her classmate for being bald.

“My ex-wife and I have a 16 year old daughter. And I have the guard. I mention this because what I did and what I will report here, I did without consulting my ex. My daughter recently got involved in a problem at school. She bullied a student who had lost her hair because of cancer treatment. My daughter even removed the wig from another girl,” the father wrote.

He explained that the two girls had a feud going on between them as his daughter started dating a boy who was previously dating the girl. After the girl got to know about their relationship, she approached OP’s daughter and claimed her ex was only trying to become physical with her and he didn’t have feelings for his new girl.

“Apparently there is a feud between the two for a while because my daughter is dating the boy the other girl was dating,” he said. “And my daughter told me that the girl told her that the boy was only with her for sex which was a big shock to me because I didn’t even know my daughter already had an active sex life.”

However, according to the dad, his daughter had no right to treat the other girl the way she did and he wanted to teach her a lesson.

“But even so, I think this is far from a justification for my daughter’s behavior. I didn’t raise my daughter to treat people the way she did and I was disgusted by her attitude. To make matters worse, my daughter showed no remorse about what she did and stated that the girl in question deserved it.”

He continued, “Again, I don’t care what the other girl said, my daughter’s behavior is unacceptable. So I gave my daughter two options as punishment: I would play all her electronics including her cell phone and she would never have others again. Or she would go to a hairdresser and have her head shaved.”

The father then asked the fellow Redditors if he was TA for doing that.

People in the comment section called out the father and said he was TA for being so harsh with her daughter when he should have listened to her point – many people agreed that the daughter was only trying to stand up for herself and she didn’t mean to ‘bully’ the other girl.

“YTA. Forcing haircuts on an unwilling person can be considered assault,” one wrote. “Teens are terrible at times, but don’t act high and mighty and assume someone who has cancer is a saint. Plenty of assholes get cancer too.”

“The big issues here are, her being sexually active and how safe she is being. Communication between you and her that isn’t just you also being a bully (I wonder where she got that from).”

Another commented, “YTA. Your daughter was being bullied and fought back. You took it too far and made it seem like your daughter bullied her for simply having cancer and losing her hair. I feel so bad for your daughter.”

“YTA. You don’t even care about what the other girl did to your daughter? You just say there was an ongoing feud but did it never occur to you that maybe your daughter was just standing up for herself? Just because someone has cancer doesn’t mean they can’t be a bully too,” said a third user.

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  1. OP’s daughter was not being bullied, just being told what other girl thought about her ex-boyfriend-for what it’s worth and it’s only words but not a tort or crime. OP’s daughter put hands on the other girl and took off her wig, she assaulted a disabled person because of her disability. If she was an adult she could be criminally guilty of assault with special circumstances AND liable for civil money damages. She needs to have a serious consequences, punishment and costs to prepare her to be a responsible adult for which every parent has a duty to prepare their child.

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