Dad Trolled for Marrying Woman Who Looks ‘Exactly Like His Daughter’

A man has been forced to defend himself from internet trolls who think his ‘much younger’ wife looks exactly like his daughter.

Chris Chapin, 44, married Savana Chapin, 28, over a year ago after going through a painful divorce.

The couple met for the first time when Savana started working as a hairstylist some four years ago at a salon owned by Chris in Gilbert, Arizona.

Initially, Savana wasn’t interested in a relationship as he had just filed for a divorce from his ex-wife.

However, Chris, the father of six, realized there was something ‘super special’ between them that he had never felt before.

“My life was kind of in a tailspin,” he said in an interview with the YouTube show Love Don’t Judge.

“Once I was separated from my situation, the more I would talk to her, be around her. I felt there’s something super special there that I had never really felt before,” he added.

“We met when I came to his salon, and I interviewed there as a stylist and wasn’t interested in having any kind of relationship because I just left one,” said Savana.

Soon, the mum of three fell for Chris, and the two got into a relationship. Initially, they kept their relationship a secret because Chris’s 21-year-old daughter, Tizzi, also worked at the salon.

After a few months, they made their relationship official, and the news sparked a controversy at the salon, and they faced backlash from their coworkers and friends.

“Tizzi was originally very thrown off,” Savana admitted. “I know that if I was Tizzi’s age and my daddy came home with a girl that was closer in age to me than my dad, I probably would have whooped her a**.”

But she accepted her father’s new relationship over time and became friends with Savana.

“Now we’re best friends, and she’s my little right-hand man.”

Chris and Savana share three children together in addition to Chris’s six children from his previous relationship.

According to The Sun, “The young women both have long, wavy blonde hair and similar fashion sense. They also show off their unique relationship on social media, pushing people to compare them. The likeness is so striking that trolls have accused Chris of wanting a “clone” of his daughter.”

When Savana, 29, started posting about her new life with Chris on her social media, especially TikTok, she received a lot of hate and was called a ‘home wrecker’ by her followers.

“I had made the mistake of putting my age above where I was and [Tizzi’s] age above where she was [in one of my videos],” she said.

“It just started this big massive tornado of negative comments,” she added. “Most of them were geared towards Chris.” 

“Do you want to date your daughter?” one user asked Chris.

“I would be traumatised if my dad married someone who looks exactly like me,” another said implying that Tizzi and Savana resemble each other a lot.

Viewers called their relationship ‘creepy’ and slammed Chris for marrying a woman who looks exactly like his daughter, Tizzi.

“The sickest of sickest things that you could think of. We just basically got destroyed,” Chris said.

“They have nothing better to do with their time, they’re obviously unhappy in their life,” he added about the trolls.

Meanwhile Savana reiterated that they are just a big happy family who love each other and people’s mean comments don’t bother them anymore.

“It doesn’t matter what anyone says. We’re happy and that’s all that matters.”

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Sources: Love Don’t Judge on YouTube

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