Pennsylvania Man Pays Emotional Tribute to Amazing Wife who Tragically Died within Days of Giving Birth to their Second Son

A Pennsylvania man is mourning the loss of his wife’s unexpected death after giving birth to their second child.

It has been reported that Jennifer Krasna, a 30-year-old mother and teacher from Newton, Pennsylvania, died a few days after giving birth to her second son at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvaniain Philadelphia on November 28.

According to ABC affiliate WPVI-TV, “Details about exactly what happened haven’t been released, but the 30-year-old was loved and adored by everyone who knew her.”

Everyone in her community deeply loved 30-year-old Jennifer, and her tragic passing has left everyone in shock and grief.

The Newton native was married to 31-year-old Jesse Krasna, who is extremely heartbroken by her wife’s sudden and unexpected death.

The couple welcomed their newborn son, Cade, four days before her death. She also left behind a two-year-old son, Ty.

After her death, Jesse took to Facebook and penned an emotional tribute to his ‘amazing wife’ who loved being a mom.

In her post, Jesse recalled meeting Jennifer for the first time in high school and wrote that she was a beautiful person who was beyond exceptional in her qualities and abilities.

“When I met Jenny, I was a senior in high school; she was a junior. The first thing I noticed was that she lit up each and every room she walked into with her green eyes, blonde hair, beaming smile, and adorable little butt chin. We were at a bonfire in the dark, but I couldn’t stop looking back l in her direction because of how gorgeous she was.”

The father-of-two added that Jenny was an ultimate teammate and a great friend who selflessly supported everyone in her life.

“She was the ultimate teammate. I first saw this when she was a junior in high school. If she wasn’t serving game-winners to win SOL titles against Council Rock North, she was cheering on her teammates with everything she had. I loved going to those games to watch her play,” he said in his post.

“She was a great friend,” he continued. “Being together for 13 years, I not only got to experience this for myself, but I saw her be there for her friends over and over again. Any time someone needed support she was there.”

“Whether it was a FaceTime, phone call, or face-to-face visit, she would drop what she was doing to help. Seeing others hurt made her heartache. She never stopped thinking about others and always put their needs before her own.”

Mr. Krasna added that her beloved wife loved being a mom and teacher at the same time, and she managed everything so beautifully.

“She was a 1st-grade teacher, but not just an ordinary teacher. She was the best teacher, and if your child was lucky enough to have Ms. Matuza/Mrs. Krasna, then you know exactly what I am talking about,” he wrote.

“She loved being a mom. Seeing her smile and getting to hold Cade for the first time is something that makes me happy. The bond Jenn and Ty formed over the last 2+ years will never be broken.”

At the end of his lengthy Facebook post, the grieving husband announced that her wife’s funeral would take place on December 4 in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

Jennifer taught first and second-grade kids at the Charlestown Elementary School and was not only loved by her students, but her team colleagues also admired her for her kind and supportive nature.

“Jenn was amazing. She had this special glow about her when you were in her presence. She brought out the best in you. She always had a smile on her face,” Chris Pickell, the principal at Charlestown Elementary shared with WPVI-TV.

“In the last two days, I received calls from parents who were here years ago, now in Florida reaching out, sending condolences. The number of emails. Everywhere I’ve gone, parents are stopping me saying, ‘so sorry for your loss,” and that ‘Jenn was the best teacher for our kid,’” he said.

Following her death, Jennifer’s best friend, Brianna Plaxe, set up a GoFundMe in her name to support her husband and children, and it has raised more than $250,000 in just one day.

Brianna’s GoFundMe statement read, “Amazing mother, devoted wife, beloved daughter, passionate teacher, and an irreplaceable friend are descriptions that hardly scratch the surface of the remarkable woman who was taken from us too soon.”

“She brought love and joy to her entire family.”

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