Influencer Justifies Her Actions Following Gym Expulsion Over Wearing ‘Painted Pants’

Uh-oh! An influencer named Natalie Reynolds is catching some heat after trying to embarrass a fellow gym buddy who called her out for her outfit choice.

Natalie, known for her controversial antics as a Kick streamer, cooked up a “social experiment” on December 27. What was it? Well, she rocked body paint to the gym! Spilling the deets on her unconventional outfit during a livestream, Natalie sure knows how to keep things interesting.

“So, I started getting this painted on me at 11:30am and I got done at 4:15pm,” she said. “So, I’m sitting up for, like, five to six hours. It’s painted on pants – so this is all paint. This is swimsuit bottoms.”

So, she strutted her stuff to the gym, and guess what? A guy there politely approached her, labeling her attire as ‘inappropriate.’ Talk about a gym showdown!

The man remarked, “If you don’t have clothes on, you need to be out of here, ma’am.” Natalie shot back, “I do have clothes on.” Undeterred, he added, “Not fine, I work in the industry enough to know. I work in the entertainment field.”

As the man strolled away, he seemed to mention to the streamer that ‘videotaping’ isn’t allowed in the gym. Natalie shared a brief snippet of the exchange on X (previously known as Twitter), and guess what? It went crazy viral, racking up nearly 30 million views.

But here’s the twist – instead of the flood of support she might have anticipated, the online reaction was quite the opposite. Despite her caption, “Guy in the gym presses me for wearing painted pants,” things didn’t quite go as planned.

A user commented, “Painted pants aren’t real pants.”

Another chimed in, “That dude was 100 percent right. He called out your degenerate behaviour, and you played the victim.”

A third expressed frustration, stating, “I’m sick of these influencers walking around with security guards thinking they can just do whatever they want.”

Even X’s community notes jumped into the mix, offering additional context to the situation. The note read, “The man in the video is protecting the overall gym etiquette according to which you should wear clothes suitable for exercise.”

The note adds a link to a Healthline article about proper gym etiquette, highlighting that wearing inappropriate clothes or none at all is considered disrespectful and poses a hygiene risk.

Despite the criticism, Natalie doesn’t seem to be phased. In subsequent posts, she fired back. In a tweet on the same day, she clarified that she wore a gym bra and bathing suit bottoms, stating,

“Why is everyone acting like I was naked lmao. The amount of women who wear pants up the ass at the gym… This is nothing bad at all.”

She further compared the response to her content to that of a male YouTuber, saying, “So a guy YouTuber makes a video just like this, but when I paint myself everyone is acting like the world is ending. Let me get my gains and shredded in peace pls.”

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