Dating Expert explains why men should not split the bill in dates

A dating coach explains why she thinks men should pay for dates, but not everyone agrees. Read her explanation here:

Nelly, who posts under the name @ask.nelly on TikTok, shared a stitched clip that started with a man saying that if women think men have to buy them dinner, they are entitled. 

Nelly strongly disagreed, saying: “It’s so revolting when men talk like that, but I’m here to explain how dating works ’cause some people need it.”. 

“So if a man asks a woman out and he is romantically interested in her and doesn’t pay the bill, it isn’t that she is entitled. One of these five things is true: he’s not chivalrous, he’s not a gentleman.

“Number two, he’s cheap. Number three, he can’t afford the date.

“Number four, he doesn’t respect women, and number five, he doesn’t see her as a prize to be won because, in his eyes, interest is always correlated with effort. It’s always one of those five things.”

Credit: TikTok/@ask.nelly

The caption for this clip reads: “Entitlement is when men ask women out and don’t pay.”

Nelly’s fellow TikTok users were quick to agree, saying, “You’re right.”. I agree.

Another said: “If someone says, ‘let’s split,’ I say, ‘no thanks, I got it.'”

While a third commented: “If you want to split bills later down the road, it’s another convo, but if the guy asks you on the first date, he must pay.”

Credit: TikTok/@ask.nelly

Others, however, liked things a bit more equal. 

Someone commented: “Missed the point.”. A man owes you nothing, just as you do not owe him anything. “Especially if you do not know each other well.”

Someone else wrote: “Did you guys hear what he said?”? Are we not entitled to anything? “If you’re not worth a walk in the park for a first date, then you’re not worth dinner.”

“I think the one asking the other person out should pay.” said someone else.

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  1. I can understand why men often feel like the bill should be split. They are doing it all wrong.
    If you’ve never met each other in person, you should have some rules. Like the first meeting should be for a drink. This gets rid of the women who have bad intentions, and are looking for a free meal. They often will cancel at the last minute because they got a better offer. When a woman cancels the first meeting, I immediately stop communicating with her. That’s just one of MY dating rules.
    Dinner is the second meeting or what I consider the first real date.
    After we’ve been out a few times I might suggest a picnic, where we can watch the sunset and talk.
    You shouldn’t have to spend lots of money getting to know each other. I don’t think it’s being cheap if you’re not dropping hundreds of dollars, especially in the beginning.
    I can certainly afford to take a woman out someplace nice, but only when we’re at that point.
    The right girl will meet me at Applebee’s. She has good intentions. The girl who cancels does not have good intentions.

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