8 Reason Why giving a chance to the “Nice guy” can be the best decision

Many girls find the dating bad boys concept very appealing. Living in today’s world and its evolving concepts of what is ˜cool,’ bad seems to be the new cool.

And most girls blindly fall for it. Most of the times, it does not end well like they expected it would. So the question is, why not date nice guys instead? Why go for the ˜bad boys’ when it doesn’t even leave you with a good relationship?

So lets approach this another why. Why not date a nice, sophisticated guy instead, even if everyone around tells you it will not be as much ˜fun’ or that he is a dork and so forth? What if by the end of it, you actually have a loving, meaningful relationship?

So here are summed up 8 reasons why dating nice guys can actually means you get to have the best boyfriends ever, a happy relationship for the both of you and basically a win-win for both of you, because:

  1. They’re thoughtful

Nice guys are among the most thoughtful ones out there. This means they will keep note of your schedule and spend time with you accordingly, put your well-being before theirs, send you flowers or even a small note to let you know they are thinking about you and do all in their power to cheer you up when you get in a stressful mood or something else troubles you.

Dating a thoughtful, nice guy can really lead you to develop a good relationship where his thoughtfulness just wins your heart over at every step of the way.

He will make you feel cares for at all times, instead of being like those careless jerks who think about themselves first and your well-being does not matter to them as much.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. They are sensitive about your feelings

This is among the best things about dating a nice guy. Because when you are in a relationship, it will not do you any good for it to be too one-sided.

Having your guy care about your feelings will be the best thing in your relationship. He will always take your feelings into account. When you feel down, he will get sad.

When you are happy, he will be all smiles too. Your feelings matter to him a lot and his sensitivity to them will make him do the best he can to make you feel good with him at all times.

He is the kind of guy who will keep it all in and hurt himself rather than thrust it all out on you and hurt you in the process.

The bad guys, on the other hand, somehow find it amusing and cool to deliberately crack mean and offending jokes or pass rude comments just to make you feel small. It is not to say they are complete sadists, but still; their notion of caring for your feelings is not so saintly after all.

Dating a nice guy will leave you assures that no matter what happens, he will not take advantage of you and your feelings in any way. Rather, he will defend your emotions whenever they are at a threat of being taken for granted

  1. They are more expressive towards their emotions

Another really good thing about nice guys is that they express a bit more to you. They talk about their emotions with you more openly and girls like it when guys genuinely express themselves, instead of remaining a closed book all the time because that just makes them tired to always have to pry open that closed book, get past the course exterior and dig for the truth.

Nice guys express more and so, with them, you will not always have to make such a tremendous effort at getting to the bottom of things. They will just let it out themselves, making it a whole lot easier for you to work things out.

The other so-called bad guys are perceived as ˜cool’ mostly because of their reserved demeanour and course exterior, which somehow gives them off as macho and intriguing. But there is always more than meets the eye.

Being of a reserved and non-expressive nature does not make the guy any stronger. Expressing his true emotions actually takes a lot of guts.

So when your nice guy expression his emotions to you, he is not being weak or not so macho, unlike those bad boys, but only more stronger.

It takes that level of trust and will to open up to someone and nice guys do that quite well. So you can know for sure that dating him means dating a strong person who is not afraid of putting himself out there.– Continue reading on next page

  1. They do not make things harder for you

Relationships are a hard thing to maintain as it is. Someone who complicates things just makes it all the more harder. But nice guys actually make things easier for the both of you. They believe in working out simpler ways around an issue, rather than complicating it more and worrying you in the process.

It is easy being in a relationship with a nice guy when they do not make things harder for you.

They are there for you to make things easy, so dating them can really lead to a beautiful and well-maintained relationship all in all. They will help you out greatly in making some difficult decisions.

They will help you out with house chores when the work load is too much. They will take care of your younger siblings or pets or whatever it might be in case you have to go somewhere.

No matter what unexpected change presents itself, your nice guy will lend you his support and help.

Dating him will really make you see the best in life, and realize the fact that maybe not everything has to be so hard, that there is always a way and worrying over things when they get hard is just a time waste.

  1. They are your safe place to go to

The world is a scary place. Sometimes you cannot even go to your family or friends to find that kind of comfort from. So you choose that one special someone you love.

And if it happens to be a nice, sweet and sophisticated guy that is your special someone then you will surely find that comfort from him.

Nice guys are the kind that feels like a home to you, a safe place you can retreat to whenever the harshness of life gets the best of you.

They offer you bright smiles on a gloomy day, a shoulder to cry on when the whole world turns its back on you, a wall to lean on when you are falling apart and basically, a shelter from the storm.

Dating a nice guy will truly make you feel at home, with a great sense of purpose and security.

He will make sure you get the best of what you deserve and also what you hope to deserve later on. This can be good in terms of being in a relationship that will actually stand the difficulties it will face in the future.

You will need comfort and safety from your partner time to time and if you are dating a nice guy, that is a given. He will always give you the calm and quiet you need; he will encourage you to stay strong and keep going and inspire you to become more, do more.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. They are genuinely interested to get to know you

Dating a nice guy is not as clich as it may sound. You will actually see how serious getting into a relationship is, because when it comes to a nice guy, he will start off at the stage where he makes a true effort at getting to know you.

He will be genuinely interested to know everything about you your likes, dislikes, dreams, fears, turn ons and offs and what makes you tick along with so much more.

You will actually feel like you are worth being discovered, due to all the care and enthusiasm he will put into knowing you.

When he finally gets to date you, it will be clearer for him to give you what you are looking for in a relationship, simply because he will know you that well.

They will not just be in it for the physical side of it, but will also like to know how your mind works. That is a great sign to get into a solid relationship which actually holds some meaning behind it.

  1. They will surprise you with pleasantries

Whether it is sending you flowers and chocolates, or taking you to that road trip you have always dreamed of undertaking, dating a nice guy comes will getting all the big and small pleasantries and surprise of life brought to you right at your doorstep.

The other ˜bad guys’ do not even care to invest their time and money to buy you flowers or get you tickets to the favorite movie in the cinema.

Such little things hold no such value to them, being nothing more than formalities to them.

But your nice guy understands the simple fact that if fulfilling such small formalities brings a smile on your face and shows you how much he cares about you then he will do them alright.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. They are very trustworthy

Nice guys know pretty well the true worth of trust and loyalty in the relationship. They know better than to break your trust and hurt you. On the other hand, they assure you that you can trust them just the same.

They will not go about cheating on you or talking about you behind your back. The importance of maintaining a good level of trust is paramount to them.

Dating such a guy will lead you to develop a strong and loyal relationship the kind where even when things get rough and jealousy is involved, both you and your guy find your way back to each other based on how much you trust in each other.

The other not so nice guys do not even believe in the concept of trust and remaining loyal to their partner as such.

With them, you can never be sure if they will not go about and break your trust. It will not do you any good to date someone like that, with whom you would always have to be on the lookout for lest they decide to break your trust.

A nice guy will never do such a thing. Going against those promises of trust he made to you is just not in the cards for him. Dating such a guy will make your relationship stand the test of time after all.

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