Dealing with Verbally Aggressive People? Try These 7 Simple Strategies

Dealing with people who use mean words can be really scary, right? Being on the receiving end of aggressive behavior is tough and can leave you feeling bad.

Experts believe that those who use mean words often want to control and change others by what they say. Instead of just talking about things, they attack how a person sees themselves.

Our bodies have learned to get ready to fight or run away when there’s danger – So, when someone’s angry, our body gets ready to protect itself. Feeling like you have to defend yourself is okay. But there are good ways to handle these situations and make things better.

When you’re dealing with aggression at home, work, or in public, it’s essential to stand up for yourself and not let it continue. So, how can you handle such behavior? These seven steps will guide you in dealing with people who use hurtful language.

1. Choose not to respond in kind

When someone acts or behaves aggressively toward you, it’s tempting to fire back. But remember, kindness is the best weapon you can use against such behavior. Take a deep breath, pause, and respond with a calm tone. By refusing to mirror their aggression, you rise above the negativity.

2. Choose not to take it personally

Remember, it’s not about you. Sometimes, aggressive words are a reflection of the other person’s inner struggles. Don’t let their meanness make you feel bad about yourself. Tell yourself that what they say doesn’t decide who you are; you’re stronger than you think.

3. Respond with care

When you answer back, it doesn’t mean you’re giving up. You can understand how they feel without saying their mean stuff is okay. Say something like, “I see you’re really mad, let’s work on fixing this together.” Showing you care can make them less angry and more open to talking. Remember, you’re not backing down, you’re just finding common ground.

4. Allow them a safe place to express their emotions

Everyone deserves to be heard. Let them vent, but set boundaries. Say, “I want to understand, but let’s communicate respectfully.” This shows you care about their feelings while maintaining respect for yourself.

5. Allow them space to be alone

Sometimes, people need some alone time to calm down. It’s okay to respect their space by saying, “Take all the time you need, we can chat when you’re feeling better.” Giving them this space can stop things from getting worse and help keep things peaceful. Remember, a little distance can make a big difference.

6. Respond with humor

When facing an aggressive person, you can simply choose to ignore or make a simple joke to make things feel lighter. A funny comment at the right moment can take away the tension and steer the talk in a better direction. Just make sure it’s a fun joke, not a mean one.

7. Suggest resources for help

Aggression might come from much bigger problems. You can be supportive by saying, “I’m here if you need help finding ways to handle this.” This lets them know you’re ready to help them with their difficulties.

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