Debate Ignited as Expert Claims a Common Habit Shared by Couples Actually Kills Relationships

Providing advice on how people should behave in relationships is always a delicate matter. What works well for one couple may be the worst choice for another.

This is why a significant debate has been triggered following the statement from life coach and former monk Jay Shetty, 36. He claims that the most common thing all couples do can actually be detrimental to relationships.

Born in London, Jay Shetty left his corporate job years ago to become a monk. Since returning to the UK, his life advice videos have gained him a substantial following, making him a prominent figure in the field. As a published author and podcast host, Shetty has conducted in-depth interviews with notable personalities such as Kim Kardashian, Tom Holland, and US President Joe Biden, garnering millions of views on his videos.

However, a snippet from his appearance on Steven Bartlett’s Diary Of A CEO podcast has sparked a debate. Shetty expressed the view that watching TV with a partner is the ‘lowest form of intimacy’ and should be avoided, a statement that has divided opinions among the audience.

“Learning something with your partner will be more memorable than any amount of time on Netflix,” he conveyed in his caption to the clip.

During the interview from the previous year, he stated: “Most of us only do one thing with our partners: watching TV. And that is the lowest form of intimacy that you could possibly ask for with any human being.”

He elaborated, saying: “If you and I watch TV together for 200 hours a year, we would potentially be no closer than we were before. I have this of intimacy, and entertainment is on the lowest rung of the ladder.”

Shetty continued, “But that is what the majority of couples are doing. So if we’re only watching TV together, I promise you, that relationship is not growing. It is actually falling apart slowly, and you have no idea. I know it is a painful truth to accept.”

In the comments, one viewer argued, “Damn Jay. We are tiiired at the end of the night once the kids go down. TV is our time.”

Another viewer stated, “If both people are only mindlessly watching TV together, then yes, this is true. But I think it also can be used as an inspiration or a stepping stone for them to find another common interest/passion to share together which would lead to more intimacy.”

“I’m not sure if i agree with this. It shows common interest and sometime playful banter n debate. You can see where you want to visit, different cultures without visiting,” a third added.

However, another person supported Shetty’s advice and shared a personal experience: “YES!!! This is all my husband ever wanted to do with our lives! I left the marriage and have done so much more since.”

“BIG YESS!!! Couldn’t agree more,” added another.

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