Decoding the Meaning: When a Deceased Person Appears in Your Dreams

Dreaming about a loved one who has passed away can be distressing, as it’s thought to predict unexpected news or significant life changes. Some view these dreams as a sign that the deceased person has not found peace, indicating a need for additional rituals in line with religious beliefs.

In a psychological sense, dreaming about an unfamiliar deceased person might symbolize the conclusion of a life phase, potentially linked to suppressed emotions or strained social connections. However, if the dream features a recently deceased loved one, it’s considered a normal expression of ongoing grief.

Dreams where you feel unmotivated, walk on eggshells, and struggle to progress may reflect emotions of difficulty and frustration. In these dreams, the deceased person might symbolize a part of yourself that you’re finding challenging to let go or release. The dream could be a manifestation of inner conflicts or obstacles hindering your personal growth.

Grasping the meaning of these dreams can provide insights into unresolved issues or emotions that require attention in your waking life.

If a living person appears in your dream without a significant role, it could indicate concealed feelings of love or other intense and possibly unsettling emotions. Such dreams may bring attention to underlying emotions that you haven’t fully acknowledged or expressed.

If you dream of someone who passed away and they play a big part, trying to help or talk with them, it suggests there are unresolved issues from when they were alive. Your dream might be telling you to deal with these feelings or unfinished business to find peace.

If a person who passed away guides you in a dream, it means you might be looking for direction and comfort in real life. These dreams can be quite reassuring and may indicate a need for support during challenging times.

A study from 1992 classified similar dreams into four types. The first type, making up 39% of cases, involves being shocked to see the deceased person alive again. This reaction is often linked to a form of denial, where the dreamer is struggling to accept the person’s passing.

The second type, constituting 23% of cases, includes dreams where individuals receive guidance from the departed. Typically occurring well after the person’s death, these dreams evoke positive emotions and indicate a level of acceptance regarding the loss.

In the study, the third type of dreams, experienced by 29% of participants, includes farewells and comforting messages from the departed. The fourth category, making up 18%, consists of dreams where the dreamer contemplates their own existence in relation to the deceased, adopting a more philosophical tone.

Although these dreams may not be very common, they are meaningful. It’s crucial to take notice of them and try to unravel the message they carry about your current emotional state. Your subconscious is likely helping you cope with loss and pain, potentially offering valuable insights, wisdom, and a comforting feeling along the way.

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  1. I frequently see deceased loved ones in dreams. I have never once been shocked to see them alive. In 99% of these experiences, it has been a pleasant reconnection- sometimes delivering melancholy when i wake and remember i cannot see them whenever I would like. Interesting article.

  2. What does it mean your staying at your so called boyfriends house and fall asleep and his sister whom I never ment before and she has passed on but comes toe while I am sleeping and looks at me for a minute then starts walking g in other room where her brother is what does this mean

  3. What does it mean if the deceased person in your dream is letting you know that your mother will be with them soon and two years later your mother passes?

  4. IT’S Evil Influences😈 Playing Tricks On A Person’s Mind, Especially When You Go Along With The Theories Of Others Who Think 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️ There Are, That’s Just My Perspective On THIS Conversation

  5. Twice my son has been in my dream I always confused to see him an he always seems lost an confused it’s so heart breaking I don’t know what it means I miss him so much

  6. When I dream of someone that I love that has passed on I always enjoy their visit and that’s what I’ll consider it. Both my parents passed away in 2005 seven months apart. I miss them dearly and they come to visit me in my dreams. my husband passed away in 2008 and he also visits me often. I have other family members who come into my dreams and I’m always so happy to see them and I wake up in a much better mood. I do sometimes dream of people I have no idea who they are.

    1. I’m like you. When I dream of lived ones who have passed, I consider it a visit. When I wake up I’m like, I got to see my Nana last night. It was a nice visit.

  7. I dream I go home to my parents house and knock on the door my Dad answer the door and said to me.Been waiting for you what took u so long .I said don’t know what took me so long .My Mom come to see who Dad talking to see me and hugs me .Dad hugs me too .Mom said to me come with her she makes me the red New Mexico Chili and flour Tortillas my favorite I service myself we r about to eat and my Dad come in said what about me .We say sit eat us after we r done My Dad said let go for a.ride so we get in Ponitca roll down hood I sit in the back Mom sit by Dad in front put her scarf on and hand one me too .As Dad start the car he said to me They will be seeing me soon . I have dream many time they have been gone a long time

  8. What if you have dreams about a specific person with a life changing event and months later your dream comes true. This has happened to me often during my life and it’s a little scary. I had a dream about my brother joining the military, (he was in college at the time) within the year he joined. Had a dream my sister got pregnant and 6 months later she was pregnant. She was just 15. Had multiple dreams my husband was cheating on me (he treated me like I was the only woman for him. He had me on a pedestal) and he did. We had only been married for 3 yrs. I forgave home every time he cheated until 15 years later I finally had enough. We were married for 18+ yrs.

  9. I often dream of my grandmother (my mom’s mom she passed in 2019). The last one was last night and we went shopping. Strange because we rarely ever went shopping. She was disabled and couldn’t walk after she reached her 80’s. I miss her deeply. She always said I was her 4th daughter. She had 9 kids 6 boys 3 girls and 36+ grandchildren. Most were girls.

  10. i dreamt of a good friend being killed using a machete and it bothers me so much . hopefully someone here can tell me what it means 🙏🙏🙏

  11. I know that we are different ppl with different beliefs bt having to say dreaming of the dead is devilish ☝️☝️ that’s disrespectful. Though won’t argue that, having to dream of the dead can be a phycological matter bt still what about the ones you never meet so in conclusion. That can be a sign of ancestors telling something (message) of their death or something must be done by you. Just saying though

  12. What about not a dream but your son voice comming in thoughts mom don’t leave me here and 4 days later find him dead behind a door in a empty apartment overdose 7 months later still have not had a real cry dream of him but mostly he comes to my thoughts what dies this mean oh by the way I predicted my brother death iverv40 yrs ago not in a dream awake he died 1 month later there is a connection to the after life I believe

  13. My daughter was murder almost 7years ago and I wish to dream her but haven’t done so. What does that mean?

  14. I dream of my Mom and Dad thats so frightful.We are in the old house.Inside the room Mom and Dad were there and me.My Dad was keeping a coffin on top of their cabinet.My mom was looking at my Dad.Then i got angry with my Dad and i said.Why are you keeping that coffin there.Tske it away i shouted at him iwas so afraid sfter that.Whats that it means.thank you so much

  15. Dream of my mom and dad in their room at our old house..My dad is keeping acoffin on top of the old cabinet.My mom look at him and then i shouted my dad and ask him .Why is the coffin there.And tell him take it away.May i know whats the meaning of that dream im so scared.Thank you

  16. I always dream my parents, my two sisters and my four brothers. I always wake up crying because I miss them so much. I only have my older sister left from me immediate family. My dreams don’t scare, I’m happy to see each and every one of them 🙏💕

  17. I’ve had alot of dreams about this person it’s like we are always talking to each other about how we both should of been together constantly…he was my good friend he was never married…

  18. My dad died 3 yrs ago n I have yet to have a dream about him I just wish I could see him one last time so I can be at peace with him being gone I miss him so much…

  19. I had a dream my husband who passed almost 3 years ago was standing at the end of my bed. I asked him what he was doing>. he came and laid on his side in my bed, I put my arm over him and it fell to the mattress..but it felt so real like I actually felt him. I woke up when my rm fell. We were married 56 years. I loved him so much.

  20. In 2010 my daughter’s dad committed suicide. I was so mad at him for doing that. But I forgave him and my self. Ever since he passed I dream of him. Once a year. I wake up crying. Ever time because I still miss him so much. I love him so much.

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