Dennis Rodman, 62, Shocks Fans As He Gets Giant Face Tattoo of His Girlfriend on His Cheek

Love is written all over his face…

62-year-old NBA Legend Dennis Rodman has gotten a huge tattoo of his girlfriend on his cheek. It was revealed yesterday when tattoo artist, Van Johnson, star of the reality series Black Ink Crew Chicago, took to his personal Instagram account and shared a video of Rodman’s token of affection for his girlfriend.

“So I ain’t do too much today, cooled out at my townhome tattooed a living legends face of his woman on his face, that’s about it…. What y’all do?” he captioned the clip.

The footage showed the retired athlete with bleached hair and sporting Christian Dior glasses as he showed off his new tat.

“Start your own legacy when you’re God favored” the text on the clip read.

The design, which covered most of the former athlete’s right cheek, features the face of a woman with long hair and pouty lips.

Speaking with TMZ, Van Johnson said that the tattoo is very much ‘real.’

“He was a champ, he sat through it,” he added, saying the tribute was “Pretty random, but he loves the hell out that girl.”

His girlfriend, whose name was not mentioned, looked super excited in Van’s Instagram reel.

Johnson’s clip amassed over 159K views on Instagram and received hundreds of comments from disappointed fans of Dennis, with one fan writing,

“All that money, and he got a weak artist.”

A second wrote, “I know you lyin tf kinda tattoo is this?!”

“You should have tried to talk him outta that my G,” a third added.

“I can see the cover up coming.. Never tattoo someone’s name or picture to your body!” said another.

“His girlfriend should have been against that. Shows her immaturity to NOT STOP him from doing this,” another angry fan commented.

“Whyyyyy his face? Anywhere but the face…or neck cuz all she gone do is play in it and use him up then leave him,” someone asked.

“Shows her immaturity to NOT STOP him from doing this,” said someone else about Rodman’s beau.

The former professional basketball player is famously known for his fierce defensive, rebounding abilities, gender-fluid style, and for being strong LGBTQ ally.

Last month, Dennis wore a mini skirt and a black shirt with a graphic print of his face to a Pride event in Houston and was brutally slammed by his fans for sporting a tiny skirt.

“Love will Always Win, Happy Pride #gaypride #loveislove #pridemonth,” he wrote on Instagram.

After ready critical comments from the internet bullies, he clapped back at the haters and commented, “Do your research, guys #beenhim.”

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Source: TMZ

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