Disrespectful Groom Slammed Online for Arriving at his Wedding in a Coffin

A groom (name not revealed) has been under heavy online criticism after making an entrance to his wedding packed in a coffin.

The coffin was carried to the altar by his wife-to-be’s bridesmaids, and the whole scene was recorded by one of the wedding guests, who later shared it online.

The user@tobz88 posted the video on TikTok, which has gathered more than 8.5 million views along with 825K likes and more than 11K comments.

The footage didn’t show the groom’s face or the bride’s reaction, but it didn’t sit well with the online viewers, and hundreds of people slammed the grim groom for his disrespectful behavior.

“Tell me you’re dramatic without telling me you’re dramatic,” the caption read. Meanwhile, Dorothy’s Rest in Peace played in the background.

The user also added text on the video that said, “Is this a funeral? No, this is how my friend decided to walk down the aisle.” 

In the video, the bridesmaids and groomsmen could be seen pulling a black coffin out of a large white car.

“Strangely, in contrast to the groom’s gothic entrance, the members of the bridal party who carted his coffin to the altar were wearing wedding-appropriate attire, with the bridesmaids dressed in pretty blue dresses, while the groomsmen donned dapper grey suits and bow ties,” wrote Daily Mail.

The group of friends walked down the aisle lifting the groom’s coffin, and after reaching the altar, they lined up in front of it as the photographer pictured the anonymous groom rising from the dead.

TikTok users bashed the groom for his senseless act and didn’t spare the bridesmaids and groomsmen, who hauled his coffin to the altar.

“The ones carrying are so embarrassed,” a user commented under the video on TikTok.

“I’d be at the bar already drinking and trying to figure out how to make different friends,” another wrote.

“Just look at his friends’ faces, they all were so embarrassed. I’d be embarrassed as well, no offense,” a third user commented.

The groom bashers said,

Is he for real? What is this? A funeral? Very poor sense of humor. The bride should have just walked away.”

“If I was his bride, I would have punched him and left the wedding. Lol. Die alone.”

“I have the deepest ick. Would have left immediately.”

“His only explanation better be that life wasn’t worth living until he met me.”

Some also said that the so-called gothic wedding theme was a big fail.

“I could see if it was a Gothic wedding but it wasn’t even executed nicely.”

“I feel like that is a curse waiting to happen.”

Very few people decided to look at the video with a positive outlook and commented,

“He was dead and now he’s ALIVE. It’s positive, right?!” said one.

“Lmao, it’s like how when people say you get married it’s the end. They took that to another level. Iconic!!!” wrote another.

“C’mon guys maybe he did this to prove those wrong who think marriage is the end of life, he really said ‘it’s only the beginning,” someone commented.

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Sources: TikTokDaily Mail

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