Distressed Passenger Filmed Incessant Baby Screams during a 29-HOUR flight and Sparked Debate on TikTok

An agonized passenger recently documented his anxiety-ridden flight experience because of a baby’s constant crying.

Henry Beasley filmed himself while he listened to a baby’s constant screaming and crying on a 29-hour-long flight from New Zealand to Germany.

The band Balu Brigada musician was sitting a few rows ahead of the wailing child and didn’t seem to be amused due to the non-stop screams.

In a video posted on his band’s TikTok account, Beasley wrote, “Rate my 29-hour flight to Berlin.”

“Strong start,” he wrote in the second clip while the baby cried.

“The kid’s got some lungs. Great projection,” he captioned the third clip while twitching his left eye as the baby continued to scream at the top of his lungs in the background.

“nice long one here, 100,” Henry commented on one of the noisiest cries of the baby in the back.

“Stellar performance, incredible stamina. 10/10,” the musician concluded his video.

“Hey babe, how was your flight?” he wrote alongside his 26-seconds-long video.

Beasley’s video went viral on TikTok, and has been viewed by more than 11 million people. It received 2.3 million likes and more than 30 thousand comments.

His video received a mixed response and left people divided in their opinion. While most people empathized with Henry, others were found sympathizing with the parents of the crying baby and called him inconsiderate.

“You think we enjoy our kids screaming and others around us having to listen to it? Absolutely not,” an angry parent commented under his viral video.

“This is very inconsiderate of you, I feel for the poor parents of the wailing baby, ngl.” Said another.

However, the majority sided with the musician and admitted that it is really annoying when kids shout and scream during long flights.

“The rage I get just by watching this.”

“They shouldn’t let kids on flights longer than 4 hours.”

“I feel bad for the people next to these children. Also, the parents.”

“I rate this flight with a 0/10.”

“And if u say something to the parents, they would say u hate children even though it’s the parent’s fault.”

Many asked for kids-free flights and were willing to pay extra.

“Honestly, there should be kid-free flights and kid flights.”

“I would pay EXTRA for kids free flights.”

“My worst nightmare. Especially flights at night. Don’t understand why they aren’t making no-kids flights like hotels.”

“Kids ears are probably popping, mine used to hurt on a drive through the hill country, can’t imagine a flight. Kid-free flights should be a thing.”

“I know some people don’t have the option, but I never took my babies or toddlers on flights. Ever. It’s painful for everyone.”

A lot of other people said that they don’t even want to have kids just because they scream and cry a lot, and they are better off without any children.

“And people have the audacity to ask me why I don’t want kids.”

“And yet small kids’ moms have the audacity to be mad that we don’t like this.

“I’ve stopped counting the reasons why I don’t want kids but this one is definitely on the list.”

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Sources: TikTok

  1. If you didn’t want to be disturbed by screaming children, you should have paid extra for 1st Class. The kids of the ppl up there are back in Coach…with the nanny. 😘

    1. I fly in first class and the last time we flew to Vegas there was a kid of about 2 years old IN FIRST CLASS screaming like a banshee! I hated every moment of it. Just seeing little kids and babies board the plane annoys me!

  2. It doesn’t take 29 hours from NZ to Germany, around 19 tops. What were they circling about for 10 extra hours?

  3. I find this pathetic how fully grown adults have the mentality to whinge and moan yet don’t possess the brains or god forbid the empathy to understand that perhaps it’s also a stressful situation for the parents! Did you stop to think that perhaps this is them returning home. So in that case should they just leave their kid behind so appease other passengers or perhaps they should be stranded because of people’s incessant bitching and moaning. If your not prepared to sit your ass down on a plane that potentially may have upset kids , don’t fly!
    It’s difficult for all involved including the child and parents. The only way a baby can communicate is through crying.
    Here’s an idea get some ear muffs to block out sound!

  4. It amazes me how an adult can sit there and behave as they are incapable of showing any level of understanding towards the childs experience on a flight. Flights are not the best experiences for us, for a child who doesnt usnerstand what is going on – its much worse and the parents not only have to deal with their distressed child but the insolence and lack of understanding from others. Perhaps go over and ask them if there is anything you can do to help, distract the child – a little silliness goes a long way. No you would rather make a video of a grown man berating a tiny child!

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