Do Men Really Like It When Women Wear Red Lipstick? The Answer May Shock You

Be honest. How many times have you ever heard of men only liking women who wear “natural” makeup? You’ve probably read about it on men’s rants on social media before. You have probably even had friends or boyfriends tell it to you right to your face. You’ve probably heard that for quite a number of times already. You’re a woman. And you probably know that one of the essential rules of going out on date night is to highlight the best features of your face. However, you also know that you need to know that you need to keep things as natural-looking as possible. And so, when you are preparing for your date, you might find yourself just naturally wiping off the red lipstick that you’ve been wearing all day to work. You don’t want to look too unnatural and high-maintenance on your first date after all.

But it turns out that all of the beliefs that you may have about men and their thoughts on women’s makeup might not necessarily be true. In my case, when I was out on a date with my man, he asked me thirty minutes into our dinner whether I ever wore lipstick. He didn’t know at that time that I was actually wearing a very light rose pink lipstick. It looked too natural, I guess. He also did not know that earlier on in the day, I was wearing the brightest shade of red on my lips that it actually made it look like all in the blood in my body traveled to my lips. He proceeded to tell me that men typically love the lipstick on women. He said that men love it when women wear red or pink lipstick. He described the colored lips to be the looks of sophistication and beauty. He said it reminded him of the class and grace of the women in the 40’s. He finally concluded by saying that women who wear lipstick are typically seen as women who put a lot of effort and time into how they look.

Granted, he was an isolated case. And it’s highly likely that not all men are going to feel as strongly about the issue as others do. And certainly, not all men are going to be so articulate about their thoughts with regards to women’s lipstick. However, a recent study was conducted by the University of Manchester that has shed some light on the matter. The study confirmed that men usually are attracted to lipstick after all – most especially the color red. The study had 50 male participants view various photos of women who were wearing red lipstick, pink lipstick, and no lipstick at all. And the conductors of the study found out that the male participants spent as much as an average of 7 seconds just staring at the pictures of women who were wearing red lipstick. They spent 6 seconds staring at the women who wore pink lipstick. And they spent a whopping 2 seconds on the women who weren’t wearing any lipstick at all. The drop of time spent looking at the women who were wearing lipstick compared to the women who were bare-lipped is staggering.

In a previous study, it was also found out that waitresses were often tipped by men more than half of the time when they were wearing red lipstick. In contrast, women who were wearing brown, pink, or no lipstick at all were only tipped 30 percent of the time. Take note that this study was conducted in France where tipping isn’t mandated by law and is merely optional). When they were questioned after the experiment was conducted, the men later said that they ended up tipping more because they had found the women in red lipstick to be very attractive – especially when compared to the other women who had more natural-looking lip colors.

So, you should know that men really do take notice of lipstick. And that shouldn’t really shock you at this point. You have probably had guys come up to you and comment on your overall look. Lipstick is one of the most prominent details on a woman’s fully made-up face. Lipstick is very bold and bright. It really highlights one of the more prominent areas of the face. When a woman wears a bright red lipstick, it is certainly going to grab the attention of any man who is going to have an opportunity to take a look at your face.

Go ahead. Wear your makeup however you want. At the end of the day, you should only wear stuff because it makes you feel good to wear these things. And if the boy you’re dating happens to like it, then good for you. Own up to your image. Own up to who you are.

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