Never Marry A Man Who Has These 14 Habits

Never marry a man who is the complete opposite of your imaginary Mr. Right because that would be a great folly. Imagine being married to a man who thinks you are not worthy of wonderful things, does not like to be seen with you and thinks of you as nothing more than his wife. Isn’t it like the worst dream ever?

Mind you, judging people for doing bad, immoral things is justified. So take some time out before you decide to marry a guy, even if you have dated him for a long time, and go through these 15 habits. If he has them, or most of them, reject him and shut the case closed because once you read these habits, you will realize that the only thing you need to do with this guy is either get him jailed or be miles away from him.

1. Narrow-mindedness:

The idea of spending your whole life with a guy who is not open-minded sounds like a nightmare. You don’t want to be with someone for the rest of your life who restraints you from doing all the normal things just because of his fear of things going wrong or his mistrust on you.

That kind of negativity can ruin your life and make you regret marrying him. It is better to dump such a man at once instead of later regretting it when he displays his narrow-mindedness and makes your life hell.

2. Hates Animals:

Didn’t you feel a little blasphemous even reading the phrase hates animals’? Who on earth hates animals? Nobody does; that is the answer. So if he does not like animals without any good reasons like allergies etc and makes you choose between him and your pet, always choose your pet.

Not having a fondness of them is fine but literally wanting to be away from them because they are animals’ shows a great lack of empathy. You will be living with a cruel human animal if you decide to marry him.

3. The Relationship Rules Mean Nothing To Him:

He likes to play wild, and it is not a good sign. You tell to not do something and he does exactly the same. Not only is that disrespecting you but it is completely disregarding the relationship rules.

Every relationship has some ground rules that need to be followed naturally by both the partners but if he goes off the line again and again without ever paying heed to your concerns about them, he is totally not worth marrying. Absolute disrespect should never be appreciated or given a second chance.

4. Breaks Promises:

A little mistake or a sometimes forgetful mind can be excused and even a big promise, if broken once in a blue moon, can be forgiven too but if the frequency of promise-breaking increases visibly then it is time for some cleaning and washing.

If he nods vigorously while making promises and easily breaks those only days later, it obviously means that he is making a fool out of you. That is not a good relationship to be in so reject that promise-breaker and find a keeper.

5. Gives You Secondary Treatment:

It gets messy when one of the two people is more into the relationship than the other one. It begins to fall apart since it is all about giving, taking, sharing and receiving, just like Joey said. So if you are the one giving your best to the relationship while he sleeps peacefully and does nothing at all, it means that you do not mean to him what he means to you.

There is no point taking such an empty connection along so do not marry the guy who gives you secondary treatment when you deserve to be the first priority.

6. Doesn’t Have Moments of Epiphany:

A guy who constantly thinks that everything he does is utterly right and his decisions can never be wrong needs to have a reality check. It is, indeed, cruel to force someone to change for you and should not be done.

But a person ought to realize his mistakes and be ready to make changes in himself accordingly for the sake of goodness. If he never experiences any moments of epiphany and never doubts anything he does, his cocksure behavior can be harmful to you as well.

7. Excessive Excuses:

Excuses are only a way of saying

I am sorry but I had more important things to do and you do not matter to me as much as you think you do.

End of story.

If he has more excuses than reasons and they are all too senseless to be true, he is only trying to lie to you and if not, only feeling too lazy to include you in everything. Such behavior in the guy you are about to marry can be a turn-off and should be a turn-off.

8. Keeps The Fights Alive:

Young lonely woman on bench in park

Fights are good, even healthy, but not if they never end. It is completely okay to voice your opinions in front of your partner even if they oppose his own and it is okay to have a discussion from two different points of views.

But if he never agrees to settle on a decision and is not willing to let you keep your opinion, he is the problem. Both the people involved have to respect each other differences. If he likes to the opposite and keeps the fights alive, you need to move away.

9. Kills the Conversations:

He is a great talker, it is awesome, but as soon as it comes to you telling a story or sharing something, he cuts you down like it does not matter. He is the conversation killer.

Not only do these habits show a lack of conversation skills but also show your insignificance in his opinion, how your turn does not matter and he is better off without you pitching in on something. You don’t want to be ignored like that for the rest of your life; never make the mistake of marrying such a conversation killer.

10. Liar:

Small lies, cute lies and insignificant lies that are told for good are excusable and even justifiable but lies that affect your relationship and are spoken again and again need to be dealt with. If not the lies then the liar needs to be confronted.

Relationships are all about trust and believing in each other. If he takes that away by breaking the code of taking confidence in each other then he needs to be replaced. Lies damage a relationship slowly like termites damage wood.

11. Clingy:

We would all just get ourselves a child to go on a date with if we wanted someone to depend on us 24/7. When men cling to us for more than usual, it either means that they have insecurity issues or they don’t trust you with your actions. Clingy partners are a no-no!

A mature relationship requires two independent people who can bear being away from each other for some time for the sake of their busy adult lives. Clingy is not normal.

12. Hates Family:

No matter how annoying our parents can get sometimes, we can never really hate them or cut them off our lives. Family is where we started and forgetting them is no less than a sin. If he hates his family, just because family is annoying or for any other weak reason, then he is not fit to marry you or anyone else.

Marriage is about starting a family. How do you expect him to start a family of his own if he is not able to cope with his own former family?

13. Immature in His Life:

Be it friendship or his relationship with his boss, if he the kind of guy who throws people off after a minor fight or quarrel, he is not the right guy to be with. If his dealings with the people around him are hasty and he keeps cutting people off, he can easily cut you off one day. Impatience as a trait in the guy you are going to marry is not good.

14. Abusive:

Every other habit stops mattering when it comes to his violent nature. Love knows nothing about violence, be it physical or emotional. Run away from the guy who is violent in his dealings as far as possible. Try to change him if you think you can but do not marry him any time before he has changed. You will be making the biggest mistake of your life if you marry a guy who does not know how to control his anger.

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  1. Being a Man some of these are valid and should be definitely followed. A few should by both males and females . But there’s one I have a major problem with. Smoking. I quit smoking 10 years ago but it was the hardest thing I ever did and although for a long time family, girlfriends and friends would constantly be on me to stop smoking and would try it wouldn’t work. I had to want to myself, for me to finally quit and Not feel a need to go back. For you list to point out not to be with a guy because he does smoke and hasn’t gotten to the point where he had to and wanted to for himself and didn’t do it for “her” is wrong!! The person who wrote this article obviously never smoked . If he or she tries not to smoke around the other then them are worth being with. Remember that person most likely was a smoker when you met and you still dated. Must not of bothered you that much then. You shouldn’t of even dated him if didn’t like it. Don’t control, Except or don’t start! But above all, if you REALLY love someone you except all there faults .

    1. I am a man and in a relationship. Everything is all true, except one. I rather have a clingy partner, than a partner who clings to another guy.

      1. Same case men don’t marry one who things she knows everything…. Don’t marry a queen…..marry a wife….

    2. Yes, I agree, but one needs to know what they are getting into. If you want one to accept you, be honest and upfront w/your faults. Don’t hide things. My husband hid the fact that he dipped. I literally would have never dated him if I knew he had that disgusting habit. I only found out after our first child was born. All of my kids have drank dip spit when bottles were left around and it has been a point of contention throughout our marriage.

    3. I agree that if you live someone there will be flaws we are not perfect , we just have to know which flaws we can live with… lije dropping socks off wherever you sit and leave for the wife , not such a habit to break up over … disrespect is a huge one !!! Making you not feel important, or keeping you hidden , these are things that are normal to me and would not get into a relationship with a guy who would treat a woman like that … and far most cheating !!!!

  2. I am a 53 yr old female that’s smoked for 38 years. I’ve stopped a few times along the way for months at a time. To say that a man is not worth marrying because he won’t stop smoking because you asked him to makes me think you’re looking for a man that you’ll be able to control. That’s just crazy! You knew he smokes before your first date that obviously never should’ve occurred to begin with. Right?
    I’d also like to share some info on the studies that supposedly link cigarette smoking to every disease under the sun. If you’d do some research you’d find that they put mice in a shoebox sized air tight container and only pump smoke into it. No fresh air at all. Of course they’re going to die. The air tight box would do that on its own. Their studies are nothing like real life. I am so tired of being discriminated against because people just believe anything our government and media tell us and turn on anyone that doesn’t go along with what they say. It just kills me! Do your own research on the research before jumping on the bandwagons.

    1. Or that you have no long-term desire for yellow walls and curtains. And constant stretch. Not to mention marry someone the chooses lung death over longer cleaner life with you. OF CORSE YOU DONT WANT TO CINTRACT THAT FOR YOURSELF, forever.

  3. Most men are not mariage material, that’s why there are boartloads and prisons and outposts where unsuitable men gather in gangs where they can be shitty people and not harm women

    1. The problem is, most of you woman love assholes who cannot provide you with anything. Who beat you up. Us guys who do everything for their woman but most of the time they can’t handle it because they not use to men treating them like that. Try going after a gentleman who is nice, kind, friendly loving and honest.

      1. Way to generalize. If there were some out there women would go for them. Statistics show most women would go for the gentleman. The scum of the Earth is what ends up in the news and that’s why you think that’s all that’s out there. Maybe if the fathers would step up and teach their sons how to act they’re being more gentleman out there. News flash…

        1. I agree. And some men are just good gentle at the beginning and when you are trap in marriage for trusting the surface layer of that man, you wil be shocked , depressed, and life becomes miserablw then, like why? asking why did this happened? Your fear of getting into a hopeless marriage unhappy,unhealthy came into sad.and just wish if only you can turn back the time and avoid this kind of person before hurting each other nor everyones both families who feel for you or against you making it worse than overcoming the horrible situation you were trap… You will end up blaming yourself for the wrong decision you never thought it was really wrong at the very start.Your kind heart and your inocence can also the cause of every decision you give yourself..

        2. There are many gentlemen I’ve seen it with my own eyes how women will choose the a**hole over the nice guy even if the nice guy has a job better looking and loving and supportive, woman have chosen the jobless treats her like shit and goes in and out of prison.

  4. Don’t bash the guys only do the same for the guys with those gold diggers man eaters,and heart breakers who constantly label men as dogs and sperm donors

  5. All the points are valid
    And cute.The problem with family some times is that it has people that keep annoying others for no reason.No person would hate his own family but they just rather distance themselves from certain annoying issues.We all know that family can be more annoying some times and its normal cause blood is thicker than water

  6. look at it the other way round. This all invalid. let Love Lead the Marriage. Two different hearts can complete each other. in weaknesses and in strength. Love completes all.

  7. Oooh my God, I have never met a man with all the above, I tried my level best to be patient with him but in vain until I had to quit the relationship and now I feel am free and made the right decision. Thank you so much👏

  8. Men like you described are sociopaths. If mental illness symptoms are on the agenda then no man, like you described, are available to any woman. Abuse is wrong, having a partner in life is the reason men thrive.

  9. My husband has all these qualities, its 18yyrs now, i have a daughter, i have no option

    1. You have options, you’re just not willing to step into the unknown. You may be teaching your daughter all the wrong things about how to value oneself in a relationship and the wrong message about love. Then you may have ruined her options as well as yours, as she may repeat history. Just a thought. Trust me I completely understand putting our children before our happiness, but sometimes we may be modeling incorrect messages about love.

  10. My husband is 7 stuff abut from all that but Wan u have 3 kids it’s to late I feel trap no matter what I know he will never change and I don’t even what he is to crazy , and what so funny that he try to make me the crazy one my mom and dad was right I should never get married whit him after 10 year’s of marriage I’m still sad and depressed 😔

    1. You might feel trapped but there are ways to escape. I have 3 kids from a very bad man and stayed with him for 23 years. But 5 years ago I finally had enough and I made up my mind to leave him. It was the best decision I have ever made. It was the bravest thing I’ve ever done. It wasn’t easy, at 1st it was really hard. But I kept on working hard to get on my own 2 feet. Now I am so much happier and if I had to do it over again I would definitely do it again! Only sooner! Get out of that horrible relationship. Do whatever it takes. Ask family or Friends for help, call a woman’s shelter. You are strong enough and you can get away from him forever. I had to hide for awhile. I had to leave in secret because if he knew I was leaving he would have done anything to stop me. I made a secret plan and I am 1000 times better off today. He’s still a horrible person, but he’s not my problem anymore. I don’t have to be stressed out or unhappy because of him anymore. I choose to be happy for myself and my children. We are all happier with things how they are now. The children go through the problems the parents go through too. They deserve to have happy parents so they will be happy too

  11. I completely agree with writer’s viewpoints of not marrying the guys with said traits.becoz once if u get trapped in nuptial bond with the said guy then only god can save u.

  12. Okay I do 100% agree with the writers statements and accusations but all of those same statements and accusations are just as equal with a woman and how I know that to be true is because everything I just read on that list right there was the exact thing that my ex did to me during the whole relationship I’m not saying the writer is wrong but you can’t just base it all on the mail gender when the female Ginger is

    1. You hit the nail rt on the head with your comments. I have been with my partner for @14 years. We used to do everything together and had a fairly good relationship. Thing is I always used to catch her flirting with other guys online. And when I used to work out of town and not be home for up to 2 weeks she would cheat on me. I never had definite proof sometimes but it was obvious. One time I had been away for 2 weeks and only had one day off . We had made plans to make love while I was home. Instead when I got got home she was all dressed up and makeup on wearing her mini skirt. Just one problem she couldn’t make love to me as she was to sore and bleeding and tried to tell me that it just started out of nowhere. Obviously she had her 1st BBC just before I got home. Then at the start of the pandemic she left me to go be in a FWB relationship with an old boyfriend from years ago. I made the mistake of continuing to pursue her. Then 18 months later when he dumped her for another girl younger than his daughter she came crawling back. Now she gets up in the morning and parks herself in the chair and is either on fb or playing games all day. We have had sex 3 times since she has been back and she is always comparing me to him. I have also found out that she has several people looking for him to have him get ahold of her. I am feeling more like a sugar daddy anymore cause it’s I need some money to get personal stuff that I end up buying anyway. Her phone is private properly and if I get caught looking at it I get shit. Yet if I leave my phone laying around she is rt into it. I admit that I have been looking . Every time I start talking to another woman she messages them and kills it. Even if it’s just an old friend from yrs ago I am not allowed to talk to any other females. Yet she chats with other guys all day long. I have told her point blank that she needs to make a decision. There is no communication only me talking and her saying she needs time to think about things and there is never a response or resolution. So for my own sanity I have been talking to a social worker and another woman who is interested in meeting me. So I think in the new year I am going to tell her to go find the only love of her life and I will move forward myself. I am going to be 63 yrs old I the new year and I want to live out the rest of my life in happiness. My parents are both deceased and the rest of my family treats me like an outcast. So I am hoping to find a wonderful woman that will love me for me and not what I can do for her. And hopefully blend into a new family as well

      1. I wish I could have a man who will treat me real good. A man that will never compare me to his exes .

    2. Everything goes both ways. Im sure there are article aiming at a male audience written about women. When you read dating artickes there are going to be some aiming at male audiences and obes aiming at female audiences. If this was an article focusing on positive traits still only talking about men, no o e would say anything about it being only about 1 gender. Because they are highlighting negative attributes people jump to the defensive reaction instead of taking it as information. Knowledge to inform, yes it happens to be aimed for a female audience. There is nothing wring with it.

  13. I am in the process of leaving someone with 10 out of 12 of these traits we have 3 kids under 5 and it is hard to do but not impossible. Also I have never met a guy who appreciates a good woman and can see past her weight or looks and vice versa people put way too much on appearance not enough on a person’s character or heart. Myself included is guilty of that but the lesson I’ve learned is one I’ll never forget!! I agree with this list in many ways but it all comes down to having enough love for yourself to avoid is kind of person believe me.

  14. In some cases, it would only take one of these actions to call it quits. A combination of a few two or more would definitely be a dealbreaker. However, if there are men out there that have all of these traits, hopefully they’re in prison because they are dangerous individuals.

  15. When I am truly into a woman, I violate the clingy rule to the 10th power. But may be not as it’s defined. Ha ha ha I just can’t keep my hands off of her to save my life. In public, at home, anywhere. I just have an incredible urge to touch her body, to smell her skin, to feel her hair, etc. Sorry for being “clingy.” Ha ha ha

  16. I really wish I had read this first, before I got married and now, before I decided to move in with my boyfriend! I’m panicking now lol but I really appreciate it. This is a great article and I will definitely take in all this before my move in. The one that is really important is being with someone that knows how to control their ange. I wish I had taken that into consideration before I got married. Everything is spot on with this article and I encourage all you young people to follow it. Also about their relationship with their family. This is also extremely important.

  17. I rather be alone and happy but not lonely than to have more problems when your over 50 life is too short to be unhappy I was married in my late 20’s I had two children my exhusband had a few of bad habits and bad behavior mentally verbally physically abusive I had domestic violence case when case agains my ex I thank god I get out that marriage I had.. I raise my kids alone now they are all done college and happy it takes a lots of prayers god is always good ..

  18. I think the title should be “Never Marry A person Who Has These 14 Habits”. These can be found in anyone in general.

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